I’m Done With Fantasy Basketball

After finishing 2nd in the Way Too Hip league last year, I figured I would go ahead and play in two leagues this year.  I finished 3rd in WTH despite having to autodraft my entire team thanks to Hurricane Sandy knocking out my power for six days. In the second league, I finished 2nd, against an opponent who essentially acquaintanceraped the entire league.  The guy proposed ridiculous swap after ridiculous swap always favoring him to me about 24 times in the twenty week season.  I can only imagine that he did the same thing to everyone else in the league.

Was his team dominant?  Not during the regular season, I still finished 1st overall, however, with Kevin Garnett and a few of my key players out, I went on to lose a contentious 7-1 final matchup.  I had him in Free Throws, lost FG by .06%, lost by 36 3Pointers, 17 Assists; rebounds, steals and points were nearly 50% of my opponent’s numbers.  The two most important aspects were the fact that the guy who won talked an insane amount of trash to no one.  No one responded to his bullshit, and he kept posting it anyway.  Also, the guy who won add/dropped 157 players over the course of the season; the next highest total was 38. Personally, I only added/dropped 11.

Fantasy Basketball is nowhere near as rewarding or thrilling as Fantasy Football.  In FB, if you stay on your lineup and field the active players, you will make the playoffs.  You could have the worst possible team in the league, but if you are starting people who are actually playing, you will win at least 60% of your games.  No one remembers to set their daily lineup every week.  It just doesn’t happen in most leagues.

Quite honestly, I think there are better uses of my time.


~ by chrismcdevitt on April 18, 2013.

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