MMA Judging finally gets it right, sort of

I was all excited last night when the Jon Jones/Daniel Cormier decision came back as a unanimous 49-46 victory for Jon Jones.  Not because, I was rooting for Jones, I wasn’t. I was excited because I had Jones winning every round but the 2nd, and it would seem from the numbers that the judges had shared my opinion, all of them.

3 judges agreeing on every frame hardly ever happens.  I thought it might have been a sign of a step forward in judging these contests.  Then today, I found an image of the scorecards and sure enough Cardo Urso (which I can only assume means Dragon Card in English) got it wrong.  He gave the third round to Cormier and the 2nd to Jones.

Unless he temporarily forgot who was in which corner there’s no explanation for this.  Cormier completely flagged in the third and did very little.

At least they got it riht in the end, sort of.

~ by chrismcdevitt on January 4, 2015.

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