About A Ninja

Chris McDevitt, the Halfninja, is a 28 and 3/4 year old standup comedian from New Jersey.   Chris’s comedy has been heard on Sirius Radio, XM Canada, 94.1 WYSP in Philadelphia, PA,   Chris is a past winner of Howard Stern’s Kill or Be Killed show, as well as a past loser of Car Crash Comedy on the Opie and Anthony Show (he lost bad, real bad).  Last year, Chris was named one of the Top Ten Philly Comedians by Philadelphia Weekly, as well as labeled the future of New York City Comedy by Cringehumor.net.  It is unknown who he blew to be recognized by either.

4 Responses to “About A Ninja”

  1. i want to no what would happen if a ninja been came a emo
    so it would be like half emo and half ninga like that movie when they swite those faces on different bodys but it would be the body would be like emoish and the other side would be all ninja disecize
    can u send me that kind of story when u get this and sent it back to me thanx
    cuz i can to tierd and need to sleep
    and i really dont no what this site is but ya it said ninja on it so it sounded kool

  2. okay ninja, but what about your ninja girlfriend who puts up with all of this comedy stuff….

    just saying.

  3. So if you are only half ninja, what be the other half?

  4. 🙂

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