Truck Stop Men’s Rooms Are a Haven of Homosexual Activity

I first heard that sentiment expressed by a faux-state-trooper in the movie, “There’s Something About Mary,”.  Then I heard it again when NJ Governor James “Rimmy Jimmy” McGreevey came out of the closet.  I still didn’t truly believe how pervasive it was until I saw it with my own eyes.


There’s a rest area between my workplace and Levy’s house that I often stop at if I get the ‘Rush Hour Piddles’.  The distance isn’t all that great but it can take me like 2 hours to get there if the traffic is bad, and as any faithful reader knows, I go the bathroom like every 20 minutes.   I had initially planned on doing this blog entry back in May, but if you remember the whole “Thomas is a big fat idiot who broke my digital camera, I lost my memory card, Acer laptops suck” saga, then you know those initial photos were lost forever.  Photos not unlike this one:

guy or girl?

So, this past friday, on my way to pick up Levy for the Doylestown gigs, I decided to snap a few photos of their weird little communication system.  As you’ll notice, they don’t just communicate via the port-a-potty wall, but also by CB radio.  How stone age.  With the advent of the internet you would think even Homosexual Truckers would be in chatrooms, wirelessly connecting with their Johns in the Johnny-On-The-Spots.

Don't we all?

So if you’re ever crusing down 195 near Rt. 55 and you want a beej, and you don’t mind it coming from the bearded, stankbreathed driver of a tart cart on it’s way to pick up some retardeds, by all means, hop on your CB radio, tune to channel 25 and look for love.  You might even get real lucky and have the graphitti author be a woman or a couple.

Dang, shame I'm white.

If you didn’t think it before, I’m pretty sure this blog should clinch it; the only reason to have a CB radio is to be gay in truck stops.  End of story.


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  1. You know… there has to be a point where someone just says “I should make my bathrooms out of white board.”

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  2. I like to read all the stuff on the walls, I think they should have glory holes in some of the stals for those of us that really injoy sucking a dick in the rest area rest room will have a good time. I’m not a driver but I like to suck cock in a glory hole.

  3. this answers ALOT of questions I have had. My spouse was getting ands sending weird texts.To ten digit numbers…1000000000, 1111301000, ect. They would say “hug”. he would erase them, and tell me I was crazy. Put a lock on his outbox, but forgot to put one on the sent. I found more and ran away with the phone. I havenever seen him so distressed.A nervous wreck. He moved out. Told everyone I was on drugs, tried to have me committed, and planned on leaving the country if I didnt give him the phone and leave it alone. He denied even having a web page, or internet on the phone, but I noticed if I sent him a comment on myspace, it was showing up on the phone. I subpoenedthe phone records.OHMYGOD.That man about fell apart.I could not imagine WHAT was going on.If he was having an affair, why not just divorce me and moveon? He swore to god on his kids, that he was not seeing any women.He drives a truck. I had noticed things in the past….bringing home a hitcher he had in the rtruck for five days.I wouldnt let him stay here…he said he took him to salvation army.Found a room receipt.He had rented him a room in his name.How can I trace these numbers?I love him and accept him however he is.He is scared too death..and has tried to have me committed !!!!!Been to the prosecutor every day last week.

    • wow thats crazy

    • It’s an unfortunate situation that you are in. My personal opinion is that your husband is having sex with men out on the road. I was an OTR (over the road) driver for better than 12 years, and I am gay. Have always been as far as I know. It is my belief and experience that over half of truck drivers are either gay, bi, or bi-curious. Most men who will let another man “service” them, (which means get them off, with no reciprocation), actually do not feel they are neither performing a homosexual act, nor cheating on their spouse. They see this a just a way of getting off. I can however tell you that those texts are going in and out of one of the social sites, such as Myspace or Facebook, or even one of the adult sites, such as My advice to you, should you be looking for any, is that you seek a divorce with your estranged husband and move on with your life. I feel that if he is indeed having sex with men, he will not stop. It is a part of him. But, I feel that you should not put yourself in the position to make that a part of your life, which would be the case if you decided to work things out with him. There is no doubt in my mind that all the love that you have for this man would make him stop doing these things. But, that would only last for a while. Eventually, you would be right back where you are now, or worse. Take a minute, sit down and think how bad things are right now. Then, try to imagine them 10 times worse, maybe a year or two from now. Can you handle that kind of stress? torture? humiliation? Seek a divorce on grounds of adultery, or possibly abandonment, since you stated he moved out, and get on with your life. The only thing that I could even say that was even close to any defense that I would have for him, is that many men, live in a society, especially where their family (mother, father, siblings) strongly disapprove of the homosexual lifestyle. Therefore, these men, knowing full-well they are indeed gay, will hide this fact by marrying a woman, sometimes having kids and living an otherwise healthy, normal life. All the while, going around and having sex with other men, which they feel comes naturally to them. In their minds, marrying their wives was the wrong thing to do. And, they are pretty much right in that sense. In my younger years, I was introduced to many young women, and would date them on a platonic basis. Shortly into dating, I would inform them I was gay and that all we would ever be was friends. This was never a problem. Men who marry for these reasons are truly selfish. It is a known fact that you cannot please all of the people all of the time, and this is what he set out to achieve by marrying a woman. He wanted to have a “normal” life, while still being able to live his gay/bi lifestyle. These are just my thoughts, but definitely something to take into consideration. I wish you all the best and pray that you find a solution to your problem that helps you to move on with your life.

      • I married a truck driver last year and have pretty much been on the road with him since.
        The rare times I stayed at the house, I’ve gotten some pretty weird vibes from my beloved. Especially, concerning a male hitchhiker.
        Admittedly, I’m pretty naive for my years. Even so, between what I’ve learned and what I’ve only guessed at and the red flags that have come up more and more in my marriage, I’m starting to wonder. I won’t elaborate on my reasons; they’re valid.
        I love this man and I’m not sure what to do. It eats away at me…the doubt.
        How can I know?

    • Even getting the phone records the text are not given .. the phone number in and out are but other than that you will have to do some deeper investigations, which can be had for little little money. I wish you luck but even though he did this thing I suggest keeping it between yourselves and moving on with your life, no reason to seek revenge or ruin both of your lives. Some men cannot handle it and he may hurt himself. I say get the divorce or give him another chance. Only YOU know what is best for YOU

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  5. Fenton Michigan restarea off highway 23 take highway 23 north
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    big one for lunch under the stall,The second one under the stall
    was a lot better then then the first one I had for lunch.

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