I have no idea what’s going on with my feet.

I’m pretty sure, I picked up some weird kind of fungus when I lived in the basement apartment on Easton ave, over a year ago.  My feet were always pretty calloused from Karate and walking around barefoot, and walking on the balls of my feet like I do, but for the past year they’ve gotten increasingly nastier.

Nasty Clown Feet

They reek, I can clear a room or a car by taking my shoes off.  Plus my socks stick to my feet enough that when I start to take them off, I can spin them around like a stripper’s tassles by not peeling them from the skin first.

Look at that shit.

I’ve got the feet of an 80 year old man.  Whatever the fungus or shit growing on my feet is, it’s not contagious.  I’ve been showering in the same spaces as my girlfriend and my mother for over a year and they’re both Funk Free.  So I don’t even know where I picked it up.  It’s like some kind of foot Super AIDS.  None of the athlete’s foot sprays work.  If there are any podiatrist’s reading this, leave a diagnosis in the comments section, cuz I’m not wasting a co-pay on these fucked up feet.

Problem Areas

Out of boredom, I’ve highlighted the troubled areas, just in case the flash whited out some of the bumps and gross areas.  There’s really not much to this blog, but I bet its readers will never forget my feet now.  So there’s that.

~ by chrismcdevitt on June 29, 2007.

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  1. Chris,
    I’m no doctor but one thing I know that will help you that you soak your feet in Dead Sea Salt. You’ll need to do a few treatments but I’m sure that even after the first time you soak (in lukewarm water), you’ll notice the difference.

  2. Dude… had the EXACT same thing…same symptoms….EVERYTHING.
    Do this, it will resolve the issue. It was the ONLY thing that worked.
    Treat yourself…Go out and buy 3 new pairs of shoes, boots, sneakers, whatever.
    THEN…wear a different pair everyday. Only wear a pair of sneakers once every 3 days. Alternating every other day is not good enough. EX: Wear them Monday, and not again til Thursday… You’ll thank me later. Oh…and foot powder does help a bit.


  3. I found this site trying to figure out what is wrong with my feet.. I have the same problem.. my feet don’t burn or itch.. they are only peeling and LOOK exactly like your feet.. I had an issue in July when I went to a water park and I was wearing CHEAP water shoes.. they made my feet burn the second I stepped into them.. after that I kept having numbing sensations in the toes and ball of my foot.. I finally realized it was DRY SKIN.. My feet had been wet in those shoes for 5 days straight.. I put lotion on and everything seemed okay.. the numbing and burning went away.. three weeks later my feet are peeling.. Did you ever find out what was wrong with your feet?

  4. I think I had the same thing but it went away. Here’s my logic and what I did: It seems pretty clear that it is some kind of fungus or bacteria, or some sort of living organism that is thriving on the skin of your soles. So the goal is to kill it.

    What I used was a combination of using Purel (or any other brand of hand sanitizer, you know that liquid gel that you can use to disinfect your hands without water)…a combination of that and some Gold Bond Medicated Foot Powder (which I would sprinkle on my feet and also on the inside of my socks in the morning).

    That worked and it didn’t take too long, you should probably see results in about a week. It might even be completely gone after a couple weeks. Nail polish remover also works instead of hand sanitizer.

  5. I have a similar thing. It started about 2 years ago and I don’t know why. However, my feet don’t peel but they have little tiny holes everywhere. On the surface, it looks a bit like a golf ball. But after a day in high heel shoes (and stockings…) my feet just smell of burnt flesh and are really painful. Even driving hurts because of the pedals! My doctor prescribed me some tablets (Lamisil), they did not work. Just like you I have tried every single cream, powder and spray with no real result. The only thing that seems to temporarily clear it is to wear open sandals with no socks or stockings; but living in the north of England, that’s not often possible!! Will try the Dead Sea Salt if I can find it… Let me know if you find something that works! Christelle

    • Pitted Keratolysis seems to be my best guess at a diagnosis for you specifically. I had that when I was 14, the best bet would be to see podiatrist and tell them that you may have pitted keratolysis the treatment if I remember correctly takes a few weeks but it’s certainly fixable hope I helped

    • Hy chrisstelle… My wife (21 years old) have pitted keratolysis soles like you… She’s a muslim was always used sock every time… But her feet very very smelly and stinky… And her feet and sock always wet cause sweaty… She always used sock and shoes every time at home because she feel embarrassing to me because his stinky feett and her soles condition. One night i take off her sock and i sniff smell very very bad… And i looked her soles very bad and small holes at every side at soles… Very very ugly… When my wife wake by sleep.. She’s shock and hurried used her sock and shoes again… And shes angry with me… Please… Help my wife…

      • If she is Muslim then you should do the world a HUGE favor and kill the stinky bitch. You are welcome.

  6. My feet are now fine. Here’s what you do. Get yourself a pair of crocs at http://www.crocs.com or wherever they sell them, and go for a vacation somewhere they have a swimming pool (note: if you have a pool the vacation is unnecessary.)

    Swim every night, and then wear the crocs or any other open air shoe.
    The chlorine should take care of whatever’s on you foot, and by letting your feet dry without shoving wetfoot into socks, etc, they should clear themselves up in a few days. Mine cleared up over my disney vacation.

  7. hi chris,

    I have got the same problem ,plz let me know if u get any cure for this disease

  8. Pitted Keratolysis

    • thanks man i got the same problem i noticed that the more your feet sweat in your shoes the more it gets worse

  9. stop using bleach with your sox

  10. recently i noticed my feet having the same problem. so by wearing open air shoes will cure it?
    what is the disease?

  11. From what is sounds like and the pictures that I have seen, it has to be Pitted keratolysis. I found that the croc shoes actually made it worse, since it causes your feet to sweat even more since they are made of rubber.

  12. Hi! my name is Alicia end my husband had the same thing I hope this can help you, I put his feet in warm water with salt and a little bit of clorox for 10 to 15 minutes, and I dried his feet and I put
    a piece of crystal of aloe vera on the affected area and put the socks on, he slept whith that all night, end during the day he used a gold bond powder to keep the feet dry. (that powder absorbs the moist in your feet). Now he’s feet are back to normal and we did this every day for a period of 2 to 3 weeks. now I just rub a little bit of vitacilina on his feet every night.

  13. that is PITTED KERATOLYSIS i have that shit too and my feet smell like straight ass after workouts, and when i wear white socks, when i take them off i have to peel them off lol and it leaves a nasty ass green residue on my sock, go to to the doctor and get that shit checked out, dats wat ima do

  14. I have the same issue. It has come and gone for a number of years. This last round has really been a bummer.PLUS if I get in the shower.. OH LOOK OUT MARTHA! My feet are seriously slippery! I can hardly stand! I can scrape a layer of goo off of my feet after a few minutes in the warm water. I have a suspicion that it has to do with Liver function .. Ill keep you posted!

  15. If anybody want info about Dead Sea salt or mud, go to this website http://www.ehow.com/how_4560309_sea-products-cure-skin-diseases.html You will get all the info regarding chronic skin disease like eczema and foot problem. You will be able to purchase dead sea salt and mud. It is excellent for anybody with foot problems and etc. Good luck. You can not go wrong with Dead Sea products.

  16. I have the same problem. It’s freaking me out. =( I hope I don’t have anything. I’m too young to have my feet chopped offffff ='( .. If anyone gets a diagnoses, please tell me. I think I’m going to the doctor monday =( . Hopefully there’s room……

    ~sings~ Little holes on my feet… skin that looks like its ready to come off but when I try to peel it, its tough…. my socks have to be peeled off my feet……

    Help meeeee =(

  17. Pitted keratolysis


    I found it my google searching for “craters on the bottom of the foot” Anyway, apparently sweating is the culprit, and the treatment is an antibacterial cream and keeping the sweat off. The link should give your more info.

  18. Today my 8 year old daughter showed me loads of tiny pin prick holes all over the soles of her feet. I googled it and found she has Pitted keratolysis. It is a bacterial fungi thing that needs treatment from a doctor. Her feet dont smell, yet, and has no peeling skin, just loads of pin pricks 🙂

  19. i got the same problem .. my feet reek and i have holes all over the soles of my feet and the skin off the ball and toes … im going to try the sea salt ideo and the powder to stop the feet from sweating .. i will let everyone know in 2 weeks

  20. I am a Podiatrist and as far as foot fungus goes, changing socks and shoes daily is critical to a cure. Make sure the shoes have leather uppers, with lots of holes in them. I prefer the athletic shoes such as Nike and Reebok. Wear white cotton socks, bleach them in hot water, dry them on high heat, and when you are absolutely certain they are dry, put them in the microwave on HIGH for a minute or so. If they have a lot of nylon in them, they will melt. This should kill the fungal spores that allow the fungus to continue.

    Remember, mushrooms are also a fungus, and they like environments similar to shoes that have sweaty feet in them. Destroy the environment they prefer. Make it difficult for the organism to live. I would still use an anti-fungal cream, as opposed to a powder, and rub it in to your ENTIRE foot immediately after a shower. Showering daily does help in this case.

    Bleaches and other products can be too caustic to the skin, and they also remove good layers of tissue. Best is to use a good liquid soap and scrub your skin with a wash cloth.

    Pitted keratolysis should be treated by a Podiatrist or Dermatologist, if that is your suspected diagnosis.

  21. This is most certainly Pitted Keratolysis

    I had it diagnosed by a foot doctor! Make sure you goto a foot doctor as my regular doctor didn’t have a clue what Pitted Keratolysis was when I told him, its quite rare.

    You can diagnose Pitted Keratolysis by the pitted ‘craters’ visible on your feet and the horrific smell (like rotting fish!!!). It is easier to see the craters when your feet are wet.

    Here’s what I suggest you do:

    1) Get several pairs of new shoes as your regular ones may re-infect you and you need to rotate your shoes so you don’t wear the same pair 2 days in a row
    2) Wear open toed sandals as often as possible to allow air to your feet
    3) If you must wear shoes or trainers, always wear cotton socks. Spray your feet with anti-perspirant deodorant to stop them sweating (normal underarm stuff is just as effective and much cheaper than special foot deodorant) before putting your socks on. To keep your feet extra dry, pour a layer of athlete’s foot powder – or even talcum powder on to your feet after applying deodorant
    4) ONLY wear cotton socks, do not wear anything with nylon. Also make sure any shoes are breathable. Leather shoes are breathable, anything made from synthetic materials are not.
    5) Wash your feet as many times as you can each day (minimum 2 times) but YOU MUST dry your feet 100% after each wash. Adding anything anti-bacterial to a foot bath will help kill the fungus, such as several drops of tea tree oil and/or sea salts.
    6) Apply Aloe Vera gel to your feet after soaking. It has anti-bacterial properties and will repair and moisturise your skin and strip off the dead hard skin. Its important to do this as hard or dead skin can trap and absorb moisture that breeds fungus! Alternatively add a couple of drops of tea tree to normal moisturiser.

    I know this is a lot to do but this is not an easy problem to get rid of!! It took me two years of GROSS feet to finally find a cure that worked for me. I’m glad to say its all cleared up now! Eradicating Pitted Keratolysis is a full time job, there is no quick fix so be persistant – and if you are you could get rid of it within a month!

  22. My advice is go to dermatology doctor to get a patch test done. A patch test is to see what you are allergy to. You could be allergy to rubber, leather, dye and etc inside the shoe or sneaker. The key is the cause of the problem. I am not a doc but I am going to tell you that you do have some sort of disease on your foot. If you do have pitted keratolysis, you need to educate your self on the disease and go to a derm doctor and not a podiatry. You are dealing with the skin which is key. If you have pitted keratolysis, you would need a prescription for the medicine. You can get erythromycin 333mg 3x a day for 10 days or erythromycin 2%60 pads or fucidin ointment for a week. This medicine get rid of the disease. you have to do you homework. First, do you have medical insurance. Call you medical insurance and ask for the best derm doc or google it. look for a doctor who is the top doctor in your state. Experience is key dealing with this disease. You can email Dr. Oz too which is Oprah’s doctor friend. You don’t have anything to lose. Good luck!

  23. This sounds and looks much like pitted keratolysis. Don’t listen to this so called podiatrist in the blog because he or she does not know what he or she is talking about. Pitted keratolysis is a bacterial infection. NOTHING to do with fungus or tinea.
    You inded need to take better care of your feet, by changing footwear daily and use cotton socks, BUT the bacterial infection also needs to be brought under control.
    You can go to your GP and get a prescription for topical antibiotics. I had good success though with application of some neem seed oil. just twice a day. before putting socks on and before bed. Cleared up everything within 3 weeks, which is the same result as with prescription drugs and you safe money.

    Be mindfull that the bacteria which cause this are normal skin bacteria, they just were capable of multiplying because of humidity. Often you will also suffer from two other illnesses related to these bacteria: Erythrasma and Trichomyocosis.

    Any way, good luck.

  24. I live in AZ and this has happened to me the last two years when the weather changes from deathly hot in the summer to cooler weather in the fall and winter. I wear shoes a lot less in the summer and there air itself is super dry. Therefor its obvious the problem surrounds the ventalation and dryness of your feet.

  25. hi
    Its a sign of Athlete feet do they produce bad odour or not

  26. Athletes foot is a fungus between the toes, not the planter side of the feet. I agree with it being pitted keratolysis, which is not contagious. I strongly suggest to seek doctors help and maybe try reflexology.

  27. It is not athletes foot. Athletes foot is fungal but what you have is bacterial. You need fucidin H cream from your doctor, apply twice a day. Keep feet clean and dry as much as you can and it will go away. Sometimes you get a combination of both infections so might not be a bad idea to combine treatment with Lamisil too, although you said it doesnt itch so I doubt it. Forget dead sea salt and go straight to fucidin, the appropriate treatment for the problem

  28. The above reader is right the name for your condition is pitted keratolysis, a bacterial infection. The advice about alternating your shoes isnt a bad idea either but you must use treatment too. The H in fucidin H mean it is combined with hydrocortisone cream so will be more effective. Good luck 🙂

  29. soak your feet in water as hot as you can stand with some bleach. seems to help me


  31. call me a freak, but my boyfriend has this and i like to smell it. =)

  32. I’ve dealt with this same problem since last August and finally got the dx of keratolysis. bleach is a neuro-toxin = not a good idea. this infection was first fungal, then changed to bacterial cuz the weird bug only responds to erythromycin. It has just recently been changed back to a fungal infection. Steroid creams will help with sx but not treat the problem. Using both medications is like having one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas. Erythro topical liquid 4 x daily is the way to go. I also found comfort with soaking my feet in alcohol.

  33. Pitted Kerytolsis is right i am trying to get rid of my second dose, i had it about 3 years ago and just recently it has started coming back.
    I got rid of it by using CCS foot Antiperisparant, unfortunately CCS have discontinued this product, they now recoommend a Alkaliene vapouriser, i have been using it but the wife cannot stand the smell it makes her feel sick so cannot vouch for its use. On the internet the recommend using Aluminium Chloride based products.


    Soak your feet in a part water/vinegar solution for at least 15 minutes at the least twice a day, solution doesn’t have to cover entire foot, just right over the top. Once you take them out of the water, dry them really good, shake on some baking soda or foot powder and make sure your socks and shoes are clean and dry.

    I take the powder and sprinkle some in my husband’s shoes just to make sure I irradicate the fungus or whatever it is. GOOD LUCK!!!

  35. P.S. I forgot an important step…. wash the feet first with hot/warm soapy water. Should see results wiithin 2-3 days.

    My husband’s Athlete Foot was cured in less than three days. Hope this helps…

  36. DRYCLOR!!!!
    it’s a roll on and it works you can buy it in the chemist right there on the shelf! About £6!!
    Promise it works….


  37. Hi, my boyfriend had the same thing. I took him to a foot doctor. They perscribed him Ertamyacin (sorry about the spelling) liquid form and he would have to apply in twice a day its in the form of a deoterent stick.Good Luck

  38. OK don’t care for the name but this I have had.
    Not so much on the sole only on the heel, and the craters were big and smell could be very serious!

    Like some I cleared rooms…. It’s BAD!

    Can you get rid? Yes I have a few times. It returns due to old infected shoes, so get rid of the old ones that (you know) are doing no good.

    Most of the comment I agree with keep them clean, a change of socks and a rotation of shoes.

    Now for me the best and most effective way (once you have at least 3 new shoes and 2/3 new trainers etc apply Sudocrem – a reasonable cover over effected area. Yes I know this is nappy rash cream, but it’s an antiseptic, and a barrier that WILL STOP THIS 100%. Apply every day for about 10 days. After 3 you will see the difference. Then you can probably only need to apply if you see a sign of a return, but once applied, gone again. I have struggled with this for years and now I’m a happy man. My dad had it (maybe his fault!) he got rid by appling aftershave every day! It worked so you could try this, but to over powering for me in the office!

    Sudocrem IT WILL WORK.

  39. really?? This is very twilight zone-esque. You posted basically a public foot exam on your blog and you have like a thousand detailed responses. ❤ internets!

  40. sprinking bicarb of soda on your feet before putting socks on will stop the sweating and the smell…

  41. Had the same thing in 2003.

    I resolved it by using rubbing alcohol on feet every night before going to bed, and ensure I wear clean socks and all.

    I put the rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, I would spray the inside of my shoe everyday. It doesn’t need a lot, just enough to get some alcohol in there.

    It iritates the skin and creates callous, but within two days I felt my condition was handled, as itchiness stopped. Never had that problem since.



  42. I’ve got a similar thing but im not 100 percent whether its pitted keratolysis or athletes foot. I wear shoes every day for work and when i get home and take them off the smell is disgusting like off cheese or something. My feet have always been quite good and have never smelt this bad up until about a month ago (roughly when i started my new job), but i too have to peel off my socks after having them on all day. Also no one has mentioned this yet but when i get in the shower and expose under my feet to hot water it stings like hell, like a burning pain even though the temperature is fine. They dont itch or hurt and doesnt seem to be contagious.. just smell like s**t! Any advice?

  43. I had the same thing for years. I was told my problem was caused by excessive sweating (or hyperhydrosis). I was doubtful as the symptoms seemed so severe; exactly like those you describe. However when I started using strong (special medicinal strength) deodorant on my feet, the problem went away almost overnight. Normal deodorant wont hack it. This stuff will come as roll on or cream. Ask your pharmacist about it. That said going to see a foot or skin (actual doctor not beautician) specialist is much better than trawling the tinterweb for answers.

  44. You know im glad I ran across this. I googled “my socks stick to my feet” and whalla, first link!.. I never knew that so many people had rotten assed feet like mine. Almost all the symptoms described here, I have had, such as sticky socks to the point of almost peeling skin off my feet enough to bleed, essence of death foot stench capable of clearing large rooms of all breathing humanoids, small and large craters that seem to be irritating (not painful for the most part). There was a comment above about someone chic liking the smell…. never had that but your a keeper girl!
    There is something seriously wrong when people can use their feet as sticky fly paper and almost walk up a wall barefoot (those of you who know what this crap feels like understand what im talking about)
    My malodorous foot-rot has come and gone for a period of about 7-9 years, being more pronounced in the cold seasons.. For some reason my feet sweat like a cold drink on a hot day when they are chilled. What I dont understand is how this bacterium can leave for a period of two years then re-appear?
    However, open toed sandals and the like only seemed to help momentarily as the contact area of my foot would then stick to the sandal no matter what the material was made of, and the smell was just as bad. I have tried several rotations of shoes coordinated with the changing of clean socks ever few hours and nothing. I have tried mouthwash, bleach, salt, tea-tree oils, vodka, jim beam and napalm. I have filled my shoes and socks with kitty litter, threw out my shoes, went barefoot as long as I could and scrubbed the living sh*t outta them daily..
    Im telling you, if you want to have a happy girlfriend or boyfriend (with exception of the chic that likes this death-foot) you dont want this crap!!
    I applaud this niche community of nasty feet people with all my heart, for now I can bookmark and note the becomings of us mutants. Thanks for all who commented, great information here. BTW.. Is this cure-able ? Or will I battle with this the rest of my life?
    -No joke, thanks everyone and especially you half ninja for posting your story.

  45. I couldnt beleive that when I typed “my socks” into google it popped up as “my socks stick to my feet”! Great topic, feet smell like hell and never really gave it any thought as im always on the go whether its hunting or ice fishing or just on my feet all day at work. But just latley they started sticking and it hurts to peel them off. Didnt know this was a huge problem, but kinda glad it is. Going to try some of the home treatments before I try the doc., and to the last post… shes a “keeper” unless shes FAT! HAHAHA

  46. pitted keratolysis…
    I realise this is super late! :S
    Looks like skin infection, antibiotic cream 😉

  47. It’s definitely pitted keratolysis, a bacterial infection. Visit a dermatologist to get it treated
    and your socks away. The bacteria stays in them unless you boil them clean. Most family doctors don’t have a clue about the condition so a dermatologist is your best bet.

  48. *throw.

    Best and quickest treatment would be a round of antibiotics. And new socks and insoles.

  49. I have found cure with Indian Ayurvedic medicine named Kaisoragulggulu Vatika. I had one tablet crushed soaked in warm water after dinner for 3 days as prescribed by a doctor. The result was Amazing , I was troubled by this since 20 years and finally the 4th day the skin under my feet became too dry and it started peeling off and regenerated with an entirely clean skin. I got it back after one year to small extend and again with 1 tablet i got it cured.
    The doctor says it is a problem with impure blood that makes the fungus grow and this tablet purifies blood.
    This medicine is available in all Kerala Ayurvedic shops in India and Many other countries.

    Find the details in the website http://www.deseeya.com/traditional.html ( In section Gulika( Tablet/ Pill , item No: 10)

    buy it online


    Better consult an Ayurvedic Doctor before consuming, I am not sure if it can be taken for all type of people.

  50. Soak them in a bucket with hot water and lots of bags of black tea. It’s anti-fungal!

    Then I’d recommend the usual fare (cotton socks, foot powder, rotation of shoes). It comes back every once in awhile (like a year or so) but only really if you slack on the maintenance or wear the same shoes everyday.

    This article about tea leaves is really interesting:

    Click to access IND44168142.pdf

  51. Wow!!! I have lived with this exact condition for over 20 years, and not one person has mentioned the only thing that I have found that ACTUALLY WORKS!!!
    Find yourself a really good pine cleaner WITH REAL PINE OIL, and soak your feet in a solution of the cleaner (3-4 oz.) and hot water every day until the pitting has gone away. Once your feet have cleared up, keep soaking your feet once or twice a week (call it maintenance).

    Now for the fine print: Pine-Sol or one of the generic versions of it will work, but it will take longer because they will only be about 1-3% pine oil. I used to use a cleaner called Hexol that was 52% pine oil, however, I have been unable to find it anymore and I was hoping one of these blogs would have a replacement for me…. And I haven’t found anything yet.

    The reason we have pitted keratolysis is simple: Out feet sweat more than everyone elses, thus our feet provide the perfect envirionment for certain bacterium to grow and release all kinds of sulfur-based gases (hence the smell of death every time we take our shoes off).

    I actually haven’t found anything to prove my theory, but I believe the pine oil helps to partially constrict the sweat pores in the feet: no sweat – no bacteria growth – end of problem. Anyway, I know that after the initial week of soaking, my feet don’t sweat neary as much anymore.

    Now back to the cleaner. You will know you have found a winner when after you add the cleaner to the hot water it will turn milky-white and smell very, very piney.

    This is a condition that will continually pop up from time to time. Usually about once a year I will notice the pits starting to show themselves again, and I know that the smell is not far behind…
    Follow these steps and you too can be free of this shit again.
    Hope this helps some people out, I’ve literally lost more than one girlfriend over this shit!

  52. HI! I thought it might be s. brevacaulis! BUt epon further review I think it’s another Fungus or non dematiphyte fungus. In my opinion, tea tree oil works nice. BUUUt I have to say that Clotrimazol creme works wonders. You can get a fairly large tube of it from walmart under their ‘equate’ label for a cheap price. I have used tea tree oil for my toe nails and spread a strip of clotimazole on a paper towel whereby I really rub it into the infected parts of my feet. My feet seem to make other items smell (like the bottom of my pants, the sides of the soles in my shoes, the couch, rugs, hair. When they are dry they smell like dried onions, but when moist they give off a weird smell (gosio gas?) which smells like warm wet watermellon, but alot more pungent. If anyone knows what this is please let me know. I have some type of athletes foot on two toes and Its so underneath the nails its taking forever to grow out. I feel though that my athletes foot infection let in s. brevacaulis and that the s. brevacaulis, using arsenic gas, has basically taken over and killed all the other funguses. i say this because my feet seem totally clean except for the problem spots and the weird smell which, come to think of it, smells like a damp basement. so anyway I think you should really try clotrimazole cream

  53. I can’t believe I found this. My husband has suffered from this for 4-5 years and I can’t take it anymore! His doctor prescribed formaldehyde roll on, it burns like hell, sears the skin I guess and only works a couple of weeks.
    So… I know you all have tried a lot of these recommendations anyone want to leave feedback on what worked?

  54. I wondered why my feet stunk so bad! I’m gonna try the soaking them in bleach thing. My mom always cleans everything in the house with it because it kills all. Maybe it will kill the foot invaders too!

  55. okay, started treatment on march 29 today is april 5 and all is looking good.

    soak feet in hot hot water with bleach and dead sea salt nightly
    use hibiclens disinfectant in the shower 2x day on feet
    use clinical strength antiperspirant every night on feet.
    bought three new pairs of shoes and rotate daily.
    Also wash socks in sanitize setting on washer with bleach and lysol
    after taking pair of shoes off at the end of the day spray with lysol.

    okay this is working for us, feet are much much better already.

    Good luck

  56. Here is a link to that provides some information on various skin dermatoses and treatments of pitted keratolysis (i.e. aluminum chloride ointment (20%))


  57. Guys I found the easiest solution for this problem! Since I work in a hospital I have used the scrub solution used by doctors to wash their hands with before getting into operation as this kind of scrub kills EVERY KIND of living microbe or fungus. I scrubbed my feet ONLY one time and the results were really magical.

    Simply you can go to any hospital and ask for it and thats it!!

  58. This is just a follow up but I really think that bathroom mold and s. brevacaulis are partenrs in crime hre. You should spray some Walmart Great value 4 in 1 bathroom cleaner into your shoes. (just one blast) and it should kill the Mildew instantly.

  59. I’ve had this condition for a very long time due to the nature of my job. I sweat profusely and wash my feet constantly. I have found that spraying Lysol on my feet daily works quite well, however, Im not sure how safe it is. Also, you can soak your feet in hot water (as hot as you can handle) with borax detergent for the odor it works very well. I use 20 Mule Team Borax but I don’t know if the brand matters. I h

  60. Pitted keratolysis is a toughy, Get rid of all your old socks, scrape the top layer off carefully after they’ve been in hot water (foot cheese grater type device) Clean your feet then dry and rub with Methylated spirits, then apply cream to them…got something called Duac which has clyndamycin and benzoyl peroxide in it, can last for years if you don’t persist for at least 2 weeks with a routine….. Good luck

  61. I FINNALLY GOT RID OF IT!!!!!! Amazon.com “On your toes foot powder” it worked honestly the first day. it Kills all the bacteria in your shoes and on your feet i have had the best smelling feet in the house now for the past month and i had some nasty smelling swiss cheese feet that honestly ate my socks. now that i got a callaus file and “on your toes foot powder” its like a friggin miricle cure lol no joke it 14 bucks on amazon. fuck you pitted nasty feet i win!!!!!

    • Just to clarify the treatment is a quick once a day application of some powder for three days after your shower and sprinkle a cap full in your shoes only once and your feet and shoes are gaurenteed to be stink free and clear for 6 months. i didnt believe it you really dont need the callaus scraper i just did it to get the dead skin off faster and have a more direct application of the powder

      • Mate I used a cream called lamiseal once cost me about £7 or U can get it on prescritpion. Use the whole tube and don’t change ur socks for 2days. Afer that all sweet 🙂

  62. okay so my brother has this crap really bad like way deeper and grosser than this guys pictures and recently i noticed that i had acquired a slight case of it so if its not contagious then how did i get it? because my feet are nothing like his……

  63. Cure= 1:1 ratio of apple cider vinegar and some kind of off brand listerine ( or if you have more money then you know what to do with.. Buy listerine) dump bottle of cider & listerine same time into a container that will fit your feet. Fill up enough to be above your toes. Soak for 30min and notice a difference the next day. I do it for about a week everyday. Then gradually get off it. It works

  64. I have had these symptoms since I was 8 years old. I had no idea it was so common. How can it be such a common problem if GPs can’t diagnose it? I tried tea tree and fucidin to no avail but I recently found a cure. It’s called propolis gel, it’s made by bees and it is an incredibly powerful antiseptic. Along with the socks and shoes it cured me in a couple of weeks.

  65. crocs shoes gave me my problems on my feet, I’ve had hard spots on my feet for years bc of them

  66. I had this for a couple of decades. The smell in my case was of fermentation (there are three kinds of bacteria which cause Pitted Keratolysis and one of them produces a sulfurous smell, which is the bad one, while fermentation isn’t a bad smell at all to a beer drinker). It was repeatedly diagnosed as Athlete’s Foot and so the medical treatment did no good. Now that we have the interwebs and I’ve found out what it is, I’ve tried the following, which keeps it away: Wash feet twice per day. Dry them completely and immediately apply vinegar – I just brush it onto the soles and between my toes with my fingers. Put on dry fresh socks afterwards and never wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. I’ve found it does come back if I skip the vinegar for a week or so, and so I’ve just kept going with it. Perhaps it’s reinfection from my shoes? My guess is that while the vinegar doesn’t kill the bacteria, the acid environment it creates prevents the bacteria breeding. The other thing I discovered is that it lives only in dead callus and so keeping that down should help. If you use this method, you’ll see results within three weeks.

  67. You still alive? Your feet are fucked!

  68. I know this is a very old post and I just happen to find it through a picture search, but for everyone dealing with these problems need to look into candidiasis. From my research, after dealing with this for two years, I realized that most skin problems are caused by a systemic yeast infection.
    When I started attacking the root of the problem all of the skin issues started going away within 3 days.

  69. I jusgt got that same thing. If you Finns a cure please email me. I don’t have time to go to doctofs

  70. My grandma always had us use ‘Hexol’ by Holloway House where we would put a little of it in a dishpan of warm water and soak our feet for about fifteen minutes and then wipe them very dry and put on only clean socks and spray a mixture of this inside of your shoes to kills the fungus there also. It always cleared everything up in a few days time. I share this as I see posts dated in 2013

  71. I have this same crap and have tried a ton of stuff. Im not a blogger but hate for others to walk around with this weird shit. Cheapest idea that works better then anything I have tried yet. BAKING SODA! ! Rub it into your foot good enough so it dries the spot and then dump good amounts in your sock and shoes. Only down side is walking on clumps and it kinda dries your feet out. Hope this helps.

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  75. Hibiscrub or Erythromycin tablets will sort this

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  77. This blog is a godsend!!!! I been dealing with this shit for about 15 years on and off, it comes and goes and I can’t work it out. My feet look exactly the same as the pics and now everything I’ve read leads me to believe its pitted keratosis. I’ll be trying everything recommended here until something works as a permanent solution, cause I’ll be fucked if I am going to soak my feet every three nights for the next 50 years lol. Will let y’all know.

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  80. It’s called pitted keratolosys and requires an “prescription strength” anti-perpirant, which can be bought at any drug store. Look for one with the active aluminum ingredient 15% or higher. Apply it before bed.

  81. When I was about 15, my feet would sweat profusely. After a while, the skin on my feet, especially my heals, became soft and pitted. And they did stink. Bad! My socks would stick to my heals because the skin was so soft that the fabric would just embed into my heals. Back then, my doctor had a pharmacy compound up some chromic acid to rub on them. I doubt if you can get anything like that anymore, so when it happened again later in life, the next doctor prescribed Erythromycin 2% pads (or Ery 2%). These are actually for acne, but it is a topical macrolide antibiotic that is thought to improve acne by slowing the growth of bacteria on the skin, which causes acne. Apparently, the heavy sweating promotes bacteria and this stuff kills the bacteria AND dries the feet. I would rub it onto my feet at night before bed and then put a pair of clean cotton socks on. After I showered the next morning, I rubbed it on my feet again. As far as I’m concerned, soaking your feet in anything makes things worse. You want the feet DRY. After a week or two of this, my feet were perfect and the smell was gone. The nice thing about the Ery 2% is that whatever you have left over after your treatment will dry out, but save them and rewet them with rubbing alcohol, a few capfulls of rubbing alcohol and you are good to go to use them, even years later.

  82. you know what worked for me dude, just a hot-tub with plenty of mineral bath salts in it…..I had toe rot from freezing, smashing, breaking my toes and just doing such a simple and enjoyable and simple thing as lolling in a hot tub fixed the problem…..amazing! harryc

  83. Go to a salt water beach for a few days, or even better a week or two. Swim, relax. I promise you it will clear them up and be all around good for. Where sunscreen though.

  84. Hello, I never leave posts on blogs but I had to say something here!
    I have had “Swiss Cheese Feet” for years on the bottom pads of my feet.
    It is not athletes foot and it didn’t hurt too bad but they sure stank and ate my socks. So I was living with it until my wife got these pure essential oils from DoTerra. She gave me the one called “Purify” and I put 1 drop on the bottom of each foot after every shower. WHOA!!!! 3-Days and it was gone! Awesome. If you don’t have any reps for DoTerra near you. You can get it at mydoterra.com/jeberle

  85. Never mind the marketing hype. Just use TABLE salt. 85 cents for more than a lb of it… I’m using a ton of it- about 1 1/2 cups per gallon in water as hot as I can stand it. No more smell, seems to be killing the bacteria & hopefully will kill the fungus too. If it’s in your nails you need to do it until the nails grow back healthy. IF it works for fungus too. It might.

  86. Athletes foot dude, try other treatments

  87. Just soak them and keep them clean and smell free….

  88. […] I have no idea what’s going on with my feet. | Half Ninja – Jun 29, 2007 · 95 Responses to “I have no idea what’s going on with my feet.” Chris, I’m no doctor but one thing I know that will help you that you soak your feet …… […]

  89. […] I have no idea what’s going on with my feet. | Half Ninja – Jun 29, 2007 · 95 Responses to “I have no idea what’s going on with my feet.” Chris, I’m no doctor but one thing I know that will help you that you soak your feet …… […]

  90. […] File Name : I have no idea what’s going on with my feet. | half ninja Source : halfninja.wordpress.com Download : I have no idea what’s going on with my feet. | half ninja […]

  91. […] File Name : I have no idea what’s going on with my feet. | half ninja Source : halfninja.wordpress.com Download : I have no idea what’s going on with my feet. | half ninja […]

  92. […] I have no idea what’s going on with my feet. | Half Ninja – 2007-06-29 · I’m pretty sure, I picked up some weird kind of fungus when I lived in the basement apartment on Easton ave, over a year ago. My feet were always pretty …… […]

  93. […] I have no idea what’s going on with my feet. | Half Ninja – Jun 29, 2007 · 100 Responses to “I have no idea what’s going on with my feet.” Chris, I’m no doctor but one thing I know that will help you that you soak your …… […]

  94. […] I have no idea what’s going on with my feet. | Half Ninja – Jun 29, 2007 · 100 Responses to “I have no idea what’s going on with my feet.” Chris, I’m no doctor but one thing I know that will help you that you soak your …… […]

  95. I had the same thing and it’s a bacteria .. you need to get a rx for dry sole and erygel. (Erythromycin gel) …i had it really severely from constant sweaty feet.. always wear cotton socks and keep your feet dry.

  96. […] File Name : I have no idea what’s going on with my feet. | half ninja Source : halfninja.wordpress.com Download : I have no idea what’s going on with my feet. | half ninja […]

  97. Thank God for the Internet! My husband asked me, why was his sock sticking to the bottom of his foot? I asked him ,was it something sticky on or in his socks? He said no,but as I looked closely, I realized it was something going on with the bottom of his foot. My first thought was athletic foot. Then I suggested that we go to the Internet. That’s when I found you guys. Some of you made me laugh, just reading about your experience. It’s not funny though!
    I gave him some Hand Sanitizer that I have already. Tomorrow we will try
    several things you suggested. I know being a Diabetic, he have to be careful with infections and open wounds. Back in the day, home remedies was very popular, now the Internet is very popular to try before spending all our money on doctor/hospital visits and not to mention co-pays. thanks

  98. Soak em in urine. No joke.

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    regarding that.

  100. THROW OUT YOUR OLD SOCKS AND SHOES. They are where the bacteria hide and reemerge from even after you get rid of them from your feet. Regular rubbing alchohol will kill the foot bacteria but unless you get rid of the socks, shoes, etc., the problem will come back.

  101. I have similar symptoms and if this means I have Pitted Keratolysis, does that mean I’m not going to be able to wear rock climbing shoes? As you’re supposed to wear them bare foot. This will be a major problem for me if so :/

  102. I use a betaine and warm water soak. Then dry your feet well and paint them with straight betadine. After a few days all is good. Then throw out all your socks and shoes and buy new ones.

  103. I have this :/ I let my feet get really really dry and then I used a cheap automatic pedicure machine, basically took the whole surface off my feet. Took a good few hours… Then I did a 5min soak in detol and hot water. I then looked at them and identified if there were more problem areas. I then dried out my feet and used the pedicure machine again to spot resurface them. I followed it up with lamisil cream. Once dry I used a strong anti bacterial anti perperant on my feet and in my shoes. It seems to have worked well so far. All my remaining shoes are in a very hot wash with detol to kill and bacteria left in my shoes….. I have never had such soft smooth feet. Let’s hope it stays this way

  104. My fiancé is going threw this same thng except his feet are bleaching his socks at the to early area… have you figured out what it is?

  105. My husband has the same thing going on with his feet. The smell is horrid and once his socks dry they can stand up on their own. Sprays,powders,creams,pills.. nothing has worked. He’s seen our Dr and the Dr was stumped.

  106. I have had this for years just thought i had dry skin till my feet really started to smell every day even once i had a shower i recently bought some fucidin cream and its sorted my feet right out hope this can help others

  107. It appears to be pitted keratosis or something along those lines not entirely sure how it’s spelled my bf has had that FOREVER but he wouldn’t go to the Drs so I had to let my pcp think I had it to get him a script for Drysol. Wash ur feet dap it on ur whole foot let it air dry and shower in the morning. Do that for 3 days in a row before bed and then once weekly and u should be good. His were wayyyyyy worse but if u stop using it it will come back…. and change ur socks mid afternoon too

    • Oh and wear socks all night after u let that stuff dry. U can dry ur feet with a blow dryer on cool it will still feel oily like but that’s the antiperspirant as long as the alcohol dries ur good

  108. I’d post pics of what his looked like before but he’d kill me if he ever found out. And the smell is like the most sour smell I have everrrrrr smelled before. And trust I’m a cna so u don’t know bad scents until u worked on a treach unit with g-tubes and overweight bedridden patients

  109. I solved mine! I suffered for years, I read and tried everything. I would regularly grate off sooo much skin and a week later it was back, thick and pitted and ugly. I tried Milky Foot (Google it and buy from most chemists)… it seemed to break the cycle and now, 2 yrs later, no pits! Here’s a tip, when you’ve used the booties, roll them up and put them in a sealed bag in case you want to use them again… or hand them straight to your partner or a friend to use.

  110. Ah, yes. Pitted keratolysis. There are (at least) five different bacteria that can cause it. Some cases barely smell, some smell truly evil. Sometimes itching and burning, sometimes not. I intermittently get the minimally smelly, but rather itchy sort. Could be summer or winter, clean socks and washed feet every day or barefoot with daily washing, makes no difference. My skin gets very thick and no amount of scrubbing with pumice will keep it down. I took a guess at what might work, and for me it was soaking my feet in neem tea each night, for about a week. I get the neem leaf powder at the Indian market, but it’s available online. I make about a quart and let it steep in a vacuum bottle for a while, then pour it into a dishpan and have a nice soak while reading. I do drink a mug of it, as well, but I warn you, the taste is not something most people can manage to get down. A case of this pesky thing just crept up on me and this time I’m going to put neem oil on my feet, then plastic bags and socks over that to wear overnight. Neem oil is powerful stuff! The smell of it alone will send pathogenic bacteria running for the hills! Good luck, and as this post is ancient, I hope you have long since gotten rid of your case of it.

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