Change of Plans

Well, I almost went through with my bold ‘no defense’ entry this week, I could have gotten away with it, I’m leading my opponent by 60 points or so at the moment and he only has a kicker and a defense to play. However, my team did so well, that I’m actually in contention for “high score” of the week, an honor that carries a $20 stipend. I couldn’t let my chance at the Jackson slip away, that’s a little more than a fourth of  the entry fee. Ultimately I rationalized that if you love something let it go, and if it comes back to you it was meant to be. So I let go of the Bears, and picked up the Miami Defense. As long as Miami doesn’t score NEGATIVE numbers this week, that should add to my ability to win.

The only two people that can catch me are sitting on Ronnie Brown and Sanchez. Sanchez would have to rack up 59.1 points to catch me. Ronnie Brown only needs to score 37.4 points. Considering that RB’s biggest game this season has been 25.6 I’m feeling hopeful, but I do have bad luck. So we’ll see. Sanchez’s biggest game is 18.8.

I am going to be so disappointed if Miami gets pounded and scores Negative. It’s looking like I could have won the week and kept the Bears if I had just had the cojones.

Hmm, I think I found my cojones.  I just put in a waiver wire pick for the bears and dropping the dolphins.  With a guaranteed zero in Defense column, I can be assured victory so long as Ronnie Brown doesn’t: Score 2 TDs, rack up 150 yrds Rushing, and catch 3 passes for 74 yards.  He has never done any of this.

This is why I Love/Hate Fantasy football, the second guessing is torture.

Ultimately, Ronnie Brown will stand between me and the $20; however, my opponent has been vanquished, so there’s small solace in that.  And a little more, in getting back to my original gamble.  If you take out the Buffalo game, Miami D was averaging between 2 and 3 points per game.  Not worth the risk of a blow out.

Okay, I’m done boring you guys now with meaningless statistics.


~ by chrismcdevitt on October 12, 2009.

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