Fantasy Football: The Big Gamble

Since I’m currently sitting on the Bears and the Saints D, I’ve hit a bit of a conundrum, namely, this is their bye week. I have no defense. Unfortunately, the only defenses available are scrubs and chumps.

I can get the Texans but then I’d have to drop the Bears or the Saints and I know I won’t be getting them back if I do.

Therefore, this week, I shall field a Defense on a bye. The 0 guaranteed points are better than negatives if the scrubs I pick up get blown out in addition to which I would also lose the defense I dropped for the rest of the year.

Plus my opponent is losing Aaron Rodgers,Greg Jennings and Robbie Gould to his own bye-week hell.

Mama always told me the secret to a good defense is a great offense. So the question remains am I being savvy or suicidal in fielding the bye team to keep both Defenses.

~ by chrismcdevitt on October 6, 2009.

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