Who Still Watches Cinemax?

I just got an ‘update’ from my cable company about the new pricing for some premium channels that they carry.  My SHOWTIME subscription is going to be about another $3 bucks a month, but that doesn’t really matter since we’re cancelling it once Dexter is over, which is about a month away.  HBO didn’t go up at all.  Starz/Encore went up $3 bucks but we don’t subscribe to those, we do however somehow have Starz/Encore ON DEMAND for 4.95 each month, go figure.

The funniest thing to me was that Cinemax raised THEIR rates.  It left me wondering WHO THE HELL PAYS FOR CINEMAX?

Seriously.  There’s a reason that HBO and Showtime go out of their way to create original programming, it’s the only thing that gets viewers.  In a world of Internet Porn and Netflix, Blockbuster Videos on Every corner and REDBOXES in every Shopping Market, who pays a monthly fee for last years movies?

What possible cross-section of people could be keeping Cinemax in business?  Honestly.  Are there people out there that prefer low budget soft core porn so much so they’re willing to pay monthly for the privelege of staying up until 3am to watch it?


Do any of you halfninja readers get CINEMAX?

~ by chrismcdevitt on November 17, 2008.

One Response to “Who Still Watches Cinemax?”

  1. Yeah, Cinemax is the only one we don’t get. Showtime is included with Starz and Encore and other movie channels… we get it for Dexter and Weeds. HBO is extra, but there are a few shows on there we actually watch.. True Blood and Entourage until next week and then Big Love and Flight of the Concords in January.. and maybe Curb Your Enthusiasm? But you’re right.. no original programming = no Cinemax for us, either.

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