Ridiculous Football News


DeMarcus Faggins : Faggins lands in Detroit

DeMarcus Faggins has signed a deal with the Lions, according to Brad Biggs of the National Football Post.
The Lions will be hoping that Faggins could help their pass defense, which currently ranks 27th in the NFL in yards allowed per game (244.6).

Keilen Dykes : Dykes re-signed to practice squad

Keilen Dykes has been re-signed to the Cardinals’ practice squad Tuesday after being released yesterday, according to their official team website.
Dykes currently holds no value for IDP leagues while serving as emergency depth at defensive end.

Stage names are not uncommon amongst actors, singers, comedians and Ron Mexico.  Is it too much to ask for that you consider a name change before getting Faggins or Dykes emblazoned on a Jersey?  Not that I would ever wear a Cardinals Jersey but if I did, I imagine there are some bars I would get thrown out of because of my favorite player’s last name.

~ by chrismcdevitt on October 14, 2009.

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