Another Coke Caper…

So, I was sitting around at work today.  I’d finished most of my shit by 4pm, and was just answering the phone for other people’s clients, when I decided to take a walk.  And what did I see?

Leftovers, BIATCH!!

Leftovers from the Birthday Party that I had to skip to take lunch before everyone left for the day on “Summer Hours”.  There were probably about 15 people left in the office, when I decided, “Shit, it’s 4pm, and I’ve only entered 6 out of 10 possible Coke Rewards codes today. ” 

Think I'm obsessed yet? 

So I did what any rational person would do, I took the two liter back to my desk; opened it, and submitted the code.  Then I closed it up, and put it back where I found it, after taking a picture of it, of course.  A few minutes later, the girl that was sitting across from the leftovers picked up the 2-liter and threw it out.  Nobody even drank it.  I guess she was afraid I put my dick in it or something.  Now, I’m not saying I didn’t, and I’m not saying I did.  But apparently photographing a 2-liter bottle that you just walked off with two minutes ago and are now returning is a warning sign of an office prank.  Bright girl.  She must have been in a sorority or something.

Latest Coke Rewards Points Count:  759 or 12.14% of the Way to the Wii.

~ by chrismcdevitt on June 9, 2007.

One Response to “Another Coke Caper…”

  1. try these for your WII.


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