It’s So Goddamn Hot

Not much to blog about really, this heatwave has Jess and I holed up in our apartment watching HBO on Demand.  Which by the way if you have the chance you should totally check out the documentary that HBO films did on Roman Polanski.   The dude totally isn’t the shitbag I always thought he was.  He didn’t run to escape prosecution, so much as malicious sentencing by a crazy old coot of a judge who was trying to choreograph the lawyer’s arguments from his own chambers.

Oh, here’s one thing you should ponder.  What the fuck is with the people at the gas company?  I tried to change the utilities on our new apartment over into my name and they wanted two pieces of identification, a copy of our lease, AND a piece of mail from our old address.  Exquise me?  WTF?  Who gets mail anymore?  All my bills are electronic and I lived with my mother.  Aside from a Maxim Magazine from three years ago or a box from I didn’t receive mail.

And the mail I did receive all came First Class postage paid (Disney, Coke, and EZPass are classy corporations), which I found out on the first visit to the gas company is NOT GOOD ENOUGH, not only do they arbitrarily want a piece of mail they want it postmarked.  The fucking guy wouldn’t even take my first class mail with a copy of the rental truck receipt from moving all my fucking stuff TO my new apartment.  If Jess and I hadn’t bought our new bed at Sleepy’s I wouldn’t have had shit to show the guy.  And for some reason he was suspicious that I knew the former tenant’s name despite her being the one that initially showed us the apartment and the fact that we’re still receiving mail for her.

Are there really fraudulent people out there who WANT to be billed for utilities at places they DON’T LIVE?  Really?

Fucking 10-dollar-an-hour-inbreds with nothing better to do than hassle me in the half hour before I have to go to work.  They’re open 8 to 4:30pm?  Gee, I wouldn’t want you people to actually be CONVENIENT.

Die in a Gas Fire.

~ by chrismcdevitt on June 10, 2008.

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