My Nexus 7 won’t turn on

You're FUCKING kidding me, right?

This is more of a Pro Tip than a complaint post, some of the most read articles on Halfninja are purely based on something f’ed up happening to me or some problem I’ve had that other people have too.  You’d be surprised how many people google particular issues just to know that they are not alone.

If you own a Nexus tablet and that son-of-a-bitch will not turn on, and you’ve plugged it in to charge, and it still won’t turn on, and you know it was working, and you know it’s brand new, and you know it’s charged, and it just won’t turn on.

HOLD THE POWER BUTTON DOWN.  Just hold it down, not for 2 seconds or 5, or 10, hold that sumbitch down for 30-60 seconds.  It will boot up, but it is ridiculously slow at turning on sometimes. Like call tech support slow.

So if you experience this problem, hold the power button down for as long as you can manage.  If you hold it down for more than 4 hours, seek medical advice.

~ by chrismcdevitt on September 14, 2012.

63 Responses to “My Nexus 7 won’t turn on”

  1. Bloody hell – it worked! You are my saviour. Thought I was gonna have to RMA the damn thing.

  2. Legend, that totally workef but wtf. c’mon google sort ya shit out.

  3. Wow! Thank you for your advice. We’re traveling soon–with the Nexus–and it was new and suddenly wouldn’t turn on just like you described and I’m thinking I’m gonna have to replace it right before we get ready to leave!!! I’m still annoyed with Google, but at least my little machine works!

  4. I was given a nexus 7 by my kids. About two weeks later, it wouldn’t turn on. Returned it to Sam’s Warehouse. When they tested it, it turned on okay but I asked for and got a new tablet. About 24 hours later, the same thing; wouldn’t turn on. I screwed around with it several times, including holding the power button down, but not for more than 15 seconds. Still nothing. About 5 or 6 hrs later, it just came on by itself so I’m not sure what’s up. But thank you for the tip about holding down the power button for longer. I don’t know if this has any bearing or not but both times when it failed, the tablet had been connected to my computer for several hours. I’m thinking maybe it was overcharged or some such.

  5. Wow, this really helped. I thought I needed to go and return it! I wonder why it did that though.

  6. not working. :-/

  7. Any Other Alternative Solution? n I tried to Factory reset that also din’t work.

  8. Thanks a lot.

  9. Thanks. You relieved my panic after it seemed my hours-old Nexus 7 wouldn’t boot.

  10. Thank you!!! Your tip worked perfect, I wasn’t holding that sumbitch down nearly long enough 🙂 Saved me a week of waiting for back-and-forth shipping.

  11. Thanks, man. Same deal here.. Nexus still new but it powered off and then wouldn’t turn on. Held that damn button down and.. walla!

  12. Is it because the tablet gets cold overnight? Mine won’t come on at first in the morning!

  13. Seventeen seconds did it!

  14. Thank you!!!!! My 10 year old was going into fits because he couldn’t read his favorite book. Now I look like the coolest Mom ever.

  15. Ok my tablet is doing the same thing, not turning on. I left it in my purse for a week in a case and when I got it out it was dead, at least I thought it was dead. So I charged it. When trying to turn it on the Google icon and then the X will come up on the screen but then stay on the X screen. This was given to me by my company that I work for and not sure if I have a warrenty. Please help.

  16. Thank you. Thank you very much!

  17. I can’t thank you enough! We just got ours last Tues and by Thurs it would not turn back on. We tried charging it everywhere in the house, even the computer. We were on our way to return it when I googled from my phone, “what do I do if my Nexus 7 won’t turn on”, then I saw you site. I plugged it in and held it down for about 10 seconds & it turned on! My husband thanks you as well since it was a gift for me!

  18. THANK YOU! I just got my Google Nexus two days ago and I left it on the coffee table turned off this morning and when I got back from school, it wouldn’t turn on, or charge. I flipped out. But after reading that ^^ I held it down for like 2 min. it finally turned on. Thanks again!

  19. Gracias!!!! Mi Nexus7 nuevo con menos de 5 horas de uso encendió después de presionar 30 segundos el botón de encendido!

    Thanks for the simple advice!

  21. Thank you so much,really worked!!!!!

  22. Thank you so much!! I was very worried. It worked!!

  23. It worked!!! Thank you for saving me from having to call tech support! 🙂

  24. OMG!! Thank you I was freaking out for the last hour cussing everybody! Whew!

  25. Thanks for the info you have helped myself and many others : )

  26. Thanks much. Worked really well. A nice tidbit to keep filed for future

  27. Such awesome wisdom. Ironically came here from google. {:

  28. wow it worked so so happy i read ur tip i was just about to go to the shop to replace it thanks

  29. so why hasn’t ASUS or google come forward about this? I have had the same problems. why does it take a few days to happen. i should have forked over the $200 more and bought an IPAD. the fact is the NEXUS 7 is a piece of junk and ASUS should be ashamed of themselves. i’ll keep mine until it dies as i won’t sell garbage to my worst enemy. sorry for the rant…

  30. Well I’ll be a monkey’s bare-arsed uncle! I sat there holding the button down for what seemed like ages, but turns out was less than a minute. Just bluntly sitting there holding it down for longer than a minute did the trick nicely. It powered off shortly after it started up, but that was a flat battery, easily fixed.


  32. Well I’ve just bought a bran new Nexsus 7 for my partner tried all of the above and still doesn’t turn on , why should you hold down the power button for nearly two minutes anyway its crap. If I doesn’t turn on properly now what about in the future and once the warranty runs out! Nah I’m glad I ve got the iPad retina it might be expensive but it works! Epic fail google!

  33. Brand new, straight out of the box. Charged overnight (~6 hours) Will not at all power on. After examining, it doesn’t even appear to be taking a charge. (No charging led, no charging screen animation or anything), completely dead. Holding power button or trying hard reset didn’t work.

  34. Just got mine for Xmas also – I just have ‘Google’ blinking on the screen! I can’t turn off nor will it power up!

  35. Thanks so much. I had a very sad little girl thinking her Christmas present would no longer work. Enjoy the rest of the holidays

  36. Perfect fix and I chuckled. Thank you!!!

  37. Google and Asus really need to get their heads in the game, how did it even get released with this kind of bug? don’t they product test…..

  38. i just got mine and it doesnt turn on. I have tried everything. What to do??

  39. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This was a christmas present for my 10 year old son. We were so disappointed when it quit working 2 weeks later. You saved us.

  40. Took three hours and 59 minutes of pressing, but worked! Thanks!


  42. Thank you so much for the information on this page, I had my car keys in hand ready to take the thing back.

  43. Same deal with mine . Spent some time on the phone with Asus and nothing worked. Now I have to ship it back to Texas on my dime. Great warranty! Very disappointing.

  44. As with so many others, a great big thank you! However, I think you have missed your calling in life. You should be writing either for TV comedy or writing humour books. I enjoyed reading your post soooo much. I’ve shared your writing with many, although haven’t had the need to share your expertise as yet.
    Thanks again.

  45. Did not work for me:(

  46. Wow!!! It worked>

  47. Amazing 20 seconds after trying all day and considering a RMA

  48. why the f*** is this not working

  49. Thats son of a bitch came on after this process. I hope this son of a bitch stays on !!

    Thanks !!

  50. Thank you, it worked! You saved it from being thrown across the room!

  51. Thanks… it worked after about 20 seconds. I think my google nexus 7 would not boot up because it found out I have yahoo mail. 🙂

  52. I can’t believe this actually work for me! I tried everything even popping the back panel and checking connection and was about to put the nexus in the trash. then I read this and did not want even to bother trying it because I had pressed the power button for few seconds and did not start. then I decided to get up from the coach and give it a try. I plugged the nexus to the charger in case the battery was completely dead, then I pressed the power button and hold it for must have been 15 to 20 second, and there it came back!! mircle! I so happy I don’t have to spend another $200 for a new pad for my son to play games on

  53. OMG! It worked! It is still at 34% battery life and just died. Thanks for the tip.

  54. This thing is a piece of shit. Fuck Google and Asus.

  55. Holly crap, it works!!! Thanks a lot

  56. I bought the Nexus 7 today, got it home and could not get it to work. Took it straight back to the store and of course the guy there made it work in seconds. Went home again, still wouldn’t turn on. Thank God I found this website – now it works!

  57. Persistence paid off. I had to have two or three goes at this but it worked. Thank you!

  58. not for me! the 4 circles just keep going round and round. For about an hour so far!

  59. Awsome actual we belter itching to read my book thanks

  60. Thank you so much!!!

  61. It super nice when it works but turning on is a pain and the charger connection is a pos. Google nexus sucks just like google tv. Might as well pay more for a real apple that works

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