Sons of Anarchy: Season 5: “Sovereign” – Thoughts, Spoilers and Discussion

The only fault I found with the entire episode was the casting of Harold Perrineau as Mr. Pope.  There’s something not right about him in the role.  I’ve loved him in the past as Michael on “Lost” and the Narrator on “Oz”, however, this time around the fit is not right.  I’ve learned to ignore the occasional break in “American” accent from Charlie Hunnam, but for the most part, of the entire cast, Perrineau is the only one who feels like he’s ‘acting’.  Granted, you can see the theatrical facepalms from Ron Perlman as the newly decrepit Clay Morrow, but I excuse that in one of two ways: 1) It’s very Shakespearean which is where the entire series draws its base from anyway, and 2) Clay is the kind of sloppy liar that he would try overly theatrical staging and woe’s me tactics to win Gemma back.

I just don’t buy Perrineau as a gangster let alone someone successful enough at it to have come from the 1-9er ranks.  He is not about that life.  Clay’s turnaround from the last season goes from the obvious “Clay has become the new Piney” to the subtle, in one scene, we can still see the indentation of the words and the lack of wear on Clay’s cut where the “President” patch used to be.

The Torching of Tig’s Daughter was great in terms of Sons’ willingness to go to the darker elements of the Story, but it doesn’t seem very smart in the long run.  Imagine the movie “Taken” if they had killed Liam Neeson’s daughter instead of kidnapped her, now take out most of the Kungfu and all of the conscience.  The episode doesn’t even end before Tig has choked a cop (dead or unconscious, I imagine dead) with his own chains and then fired multiple shots into the skull of a CSI tech on the scene.

As for the home invasion, online sources are pointing towards the new character of “Greg the Peg” played by Amputee actor, Kurt Yaeger.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but it does beg the question why the Sons even the Nomad Sons would have any interest in home invading and ass whooping Samcro related Charming residents.


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One Response to “Sons of Anarchy: Season 5: “Sovereign” – Thoughts, Spoilers and Discussion”

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