The Walking Dead Social Game Review

After months of waiting for the release of The Walking Dead Social Game on Facebook, the end product is finally here, sort of.  The game is “open beta”. There are plenty of features that are ‘forthcoming’ but the game itself will take some time.  As with most facebook games, you can either work your way up and earn various ‘in game’ elements or you can buy them outright through terribly overpriced dollar to widget dollar exchange rates. You can ‘earn ammo’ by watching advertiser videos at the beginning of each gaming session.

The most valuable component of the game at this point seems to be Energy/Movement.  You start out with 25 ‘stamina’ points.  Each time you move about 6 spaces outside the game’s camp or about 20-30 inside the games’ camp you use up one of these points.  Pick something up, that’s a point.  Swap equipped weapons? That’s a point.  Take a swing at a Walker, you better believe that’s a point.

You can even use 10 of these points to refill your stamina if a walker chows down on you.  The game recharges energy points 1 per 5 minutes.  You will have to accomplish several ‘story’ and ‘camp’ missions to level up your character and advance throughout the game.  Weapons also break down over time.  It seems like a 3/3 weapon can be used to kill zombies 3 times in 3 separate missions and then it will require repair.  Repair is a time suck; a time suck you can speed up if you pay with their ‘premium’ dollars.

You will be encouraged to invite your friends to the game, unlike other games where you can ‘visit’ friends’ camps and obtain game materials or gift them objects once daily the game currently offers you the choice of sending them 1 energy point.  You read that correctly.  You will have to go out of your way to send a friend playing the game, 1 energy point.  A point that he can use to move 6 spaces.

I don’t know what is so ‘social’ about this game as I cannot ‘visit’ my friends also playing.  The closest ‘social’ aspect I found is that it takes people from your friends list and names Zombies after them.  So partway through your second or third mission you will have to bash in the brains of Uncle Ed the ZOMBIE. Oooh, fun.


The combat system itself is super lacking.  You click ‘strike’, and then you must time your next click for when the target is on a killzone on the target.  Miss and you wasted 1 energy point which is 5 minutes of your life.  The game offers an EXPERT mode after level 4 which just makes the timing of the killzone target faster and harder.  They also appear to list how many “expert” missions you have beaten on your profile when a friend adds you to their game.  You do get additional ‘characters’ in your group, that you then must ‘swap’ and level up, or add them to missions with your own main character. Warning if you Team UP, you will be using twice as much ‘energy’.

I’ll keep playing it to see if it gets any better, but that’s only because I’m a sucker for anything with levels or points.

~ by chrismcdevitt on August 14, 2012.

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