Fat Muslim Girl Won’t Do Judo Unless She Can Hide Chins;Hair

The only Judo competitor from the Saudi Arabian contingent has stated to her father (at least that’s what he’s telling everyone) that she will not compete if she is not allowed to wear her hijab (headscarf). Wojdan Shaherkani is set to compete in the 78kg+ division.  According to google’s math that’s almost 172 lbs.  That’s what Georges St. Pierre fights at.  The International Judo Federation has stated that it is not allowing head scarves as that would go against the principle and spirit of Judo.  I’m not sure why Judo is against religious inclusivity, but hey, I’m not sure why they even have a division for 172 pound women.

Prior to these games, Saudi Arabia had never sent a female athlete, a fact that had many people crowing about excluding them, Qatar and a country I’ve never heard of Brunei from the games until they did.  As a concession it appears that Saudi Arabia has sent this behemoth and an 800m runner who is theoretically much lighter than the judoka.

How do you weight 172 lbs in the desert dressed all in black from head to toe every day?  YOU LIVE IN A SAUNA.  It’s Ramahdan you aren’t allowed to eat or drink while the sun’s up and it’s summer.  How are you still fat? Wojdan’s preliminary competition is set for August 3rd.  It will be interesting to see who caves first: the religious contingent or the chest of whoever is trapped underneath Wojdan.


~ by chrismcdevitt on July 31, 2012.

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