Contemplating the Destruction of my Comedy Website

In 2005, my friends Josh Kaulius and Brandon Griffiths created a pretty fucking sweet personal website for me to help with my ‘comedy‘.  I am still on my original Linux hosting plan from 7 years ago. I pay $5.50 a month for it. I don’t even have a GB of storage and I don’t come anywhere near my transfer data rate as outdated as it is.  In the past 7 years this site has received less than 25000 visits.  To give you an idea of the contrast, (which is hosted by wordpress and costs me nothing) has had over half a million pageviews.  One of my youtube videos (the only one not featured on has had almost 200,000 views (it’s a heckler video and apparently they’re wildly popular).

So, I did the math and it seems that each visitor to has cost me about .018 cents.  That’s not a terrible return on investment.  But really, with the prevalence of tumblrs, etc, who pays for hosting anymore?  About the only thing I need is my email address, which I own anyway, since I own the domain.

Any reason why I shouldn’t completely pull the website, aside from the fact that two men worked very hard for free almost a decade ago on it?

~ by chrismcdevitt on July 26, 2012.

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