Guida vs. Maynard : Revisited

I’ll be the first to tell you that I thought Clay “The Carpenter” Guida did enough to win the decision in his last fight with Gray “The Bully” Maynard.  Contrary to the crowd and online opinion concerning the fight I found Guida’s stick-and-move fluid and entertaining to watch.  I spent 3 rounds waiting for Maynard to ‘bully’ anyone.  He looked flatfooted, slow and indecisive.  I thought that Guida was actually employing the opposite of Maynard’s typical lay-and-pray.  Dana White often criticizes the LNP but offers the caveat that it is a fighter’s responsibility to be able to counter an excellent ground game.  I should think the same could be said for Guida’s frenetic Strike-Move-strike-Move.

For as much as he espoused after the fight, I didn’t see much in his in-ring moves that showed Gray came to fight.  I agreed with the ref’s warning for Guida’s running in the championship rounds.  I also thought that the escalating threat of taking one-two-or three points showed that even Big Dan thought Guida was ahead on the cards.  Come the end of the match I had it 48-47 Guida.  The split decision saw it 48-47 Gray for two judges and one judge, Jose Tabora seeing it my way.

However, after seeing the numbers offered by Fight Metric, I might have to concede that those two errant judges simply saw things that I didn’t.  Check out the numbers here, and decide for yourself.

As per Fight Metric, Maynard landed 3 more total strikes than Guida, and had 4 more significant strikes.  Although totals take away from winning individual rounds, as we look deeper at the numbers, you’ll find that Gray was outstruck by Guida by 5 in the 1st round and 3 in the second.  Maynard then outsruck Guida by 5 in the 3rd round, and although he only beats Guida by 1 significant strike in Round 4, he also had the submission attempt, and to be fair, the majority of Guida’s significant strikes this round were landed when Maynard dropped his hands and goaded Guida into fighting him.  Finally in the 5th round, Maynard outstruck Guida by 6 significant shots and scored the only takedown of the fight.  So by the numbers 48-47 Maynard is absolutely the right call.

People are criticizing Guida saying that he ran, and didn’t come to fight, I believe that he did bring a gameplan to this fight and that simply the GP was ‘Sound and Fury; signifying nothing.’ If you’re going to spend the entire fight on your heels, you had best be getting the better of the feet.

~ by chrismcdevitt on June 30, 2012.

2 Responses to “Guida vs. Maynard : Revisited”

  1. I think Maynard clearly deserved the win!

  2. I just wasn’t impressed by Maynard at all in this fight. It wasn’t much of a fight, but he just didn’t take it to Guida. He never cut off Clay’s angles. Forget telegraphing, he might as well have made appointments for his punches.

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