Both Sides of the Crying Bus Monitor Debate

It is clear to me from the video above that Americans are failing both as parents and disciplinarians.  These cruel, cruel children are ridiculing their 68-year-old bus monitor to her face because of her face and also for her weight, sweating, her frugal attire, the location she bought her purse, and her lack of a family. In multiple, “I can out do you with how mean I am to this woman’ non-sequiturs the children threaten to egg her house, toilet paper it, stab her, piss in her mouth, do other non pee but still fluid related things to her mouth, kill her, etc.

Granted these are not the threats of someone who is actually intimidating but rather the pack mentality threats of youth that are missing a positive relationship with one particular relative, Uncle AssWhoopin.  It would seem from their behavior that Uncle AssWhoopin has not visited their home in some time.  Without his influence in their life they seem to think that they can say whatever they want to whomever they want and be protected because they are minors and the system protects them.  

Luckily the system doesn’t protect them from each other.  IT is my sincere wish that traditional school bullies (who I am usually against) do their best this summer and the beginning of next year to force at least three loads of white dog shit down the gullets of every child involved in this video.  Offensive Line, Defensive Tackles, Starting Thirdbase, whoever is hanging around Greece, NY, please pull these kids underwear so far over their heads that you can smell the grapes from the Fruit of the Loom on their breath.

Unfortunately, rather than react with public shaming and violence, it seems the internet has taken up a collection for the beleaguered bus monitor.  5 hours after it began it was up to $1300 bucks, now as day two begins at last count it was in the six figure range.  While I’m not against a little charity for someone who life has clearly shat on both in this incident and before (The monitor was widowed at 51, and lost her son to suicide 10 years ago), I also don’t think handing 100,000+ dollars to a ‘bus monitor’ is a really smart idea.

I’m not clear on the degree required for bus-monitoring, nor the extensive training involved prior to being assigned your first bus, I can however derive from the video that this particular monitor is not very good at it.  Along with the bus driver, the monitor would be the second in command on the bus, the Gilligan if you will.  There is absolutely no excuse for the children to talk this way to the monitor, nor for the monitor to allow it.  IF the  system is against its employees, I would still like to see a few meaningless ‘demerits’ issued to the disrespectful sonsabitches.  By doing nothing she permitted the abuse to go on.

Bullies gonna bully.  The only cure for bullying is Uncle Asswhoopin.  We are a society that respects the food chain.  The thing with a food chain is it takes place in an ecosystem, and if the weaker parts of the ecosystem are abused and destroyed, the middle falls out and the ones at the top die as well.  Protect your plankton, beat these kids.

Money does not fix everything.  The best vacation I could possibly think of, back to back weeks on the Allure of the Seas in a massive once-in-a-lifetime-suite for two people, would still only run you about 30K.  What’s she going to do with the other $70K?  Besides owe a shit-ton of it to the IRS at the end of the year?  How many backwoods cousins are going to climb out of the woodwork with an idea for a porridge stand or an Arby’s franchise?

There’s nothing the internet loves more than killing one of its own, it is only a matter of time before they get tired of digging into the cruel children’s backgrounds and start stoking the coals in hers.  Good luck, Bus Monitor.  You’re going to need it.

~ by chrismcdevitt on June 21, 2012.

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