Breastfeeding in Public: What’s the Big Deal?

“I want YOU to let me drink my milk.”

Over the past 5 months of being a nursing mother, I have been astounded at America’s opinions on
breastfeeding. I have heard everything from “that’s disgusting” to “you should feed your baby in a
restroom” When nursing my son in the privacy of my car, someone called the police on me and reported
that a woman was exposing herself. I was completely in my legal rights, so the police officer and I had
a good laugh about it. But honestly, what is the big deal? I nursed under a cover at Pizza Hut, and two
tables got up and moved. A woman who is bottle feeding her baby doesn’t have to put a blanket over
the baby, why should I? Would you want to eat under a blanket out in 80 degree heat? Probably not. I
refuse to make my baby be hot and sweaty while he is trying to eat because the notion of breastfeeding
is “taboo”. Newsflash, breasts are for feeding babies. That’s their purpose.

How is this perfectly acceptable, but nursing a baby isn’t?

Who is more exposed? The volleyball player, whose jugs men probably stared at. I bet no one got up, shaking their head and moved down the beach to get away from something so “disgusting”.  Grow up people. If you don’t like seeing me breastfeed, feel free to look the other way. No one is forcing you to watch.


~ by jesskeiper on June 7, 2012.

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