Today in History

Two years ago, I got married, but it appears a lot of other cool things have happened on June 6th throughout the ages.  Below are a few:

1833- President Andrew Jackson becomes the first US President to ride on a train.

1844- the YMCA was founded in London, (the song was written about 130 years later.)

1889- the Great Seattle fire burns downtown Seattle to the ground. (100 years later, Sir Mixalot sets the town on Fiyah)

1933- the first Drive-in Theater opens in Camden, NJ.  (It is shortly followed by the first Drive-By theater.)

1934- FDR signs the New Deal effectively screwing generations of Americans to come. (Thanks FDR).

1942- Battle of Midway

1944- Battle of Normandy affectionately known as D-Day.  (Not the character from Animal House)

1984 – Tetris is released (Almost single handedly ends the Cold War)


Nathan Hale (1755, American Patriot), V.C. Andrews (1923, Incest Enthusiast), Alexander Cockburn (1941, Great Last Name), Robert Englund (1947, Freddie Kreuger), Harvey Fierstein (1952, Comedian and Queer), Sandra Bernhard (1955, Same), Colin Quinn (1959, Closeted), Cam Neely (1965, Kick His Ass, Sea-Bass), Paul Giamatti and Max Casella (1967, that’s right Pig Vomit and Vinnie DelPino from Doogie Howser are the same age) and Uncle Kracker (1974, No DeathDate Yet).



Patrick Henry (They gave him Liberty in 1776, and gave him Death 23 years later)

Robert F. Kennedy (1968, Death by Sirhan Sirhan)



~ by chrismcdevitt on June 6, 2012.

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