What kind of rash is this?

For at least the past month I’ve been battling this odd ‘rashlike’ thing on the back of my hand/knuckles.  I’d say about once a day it leaks crystal clear fluid.  It itches like hell, bleeds when scratched and just generally looks gross.  I’ve taken to covering it with adhesive medical tape and that seems to quell the itching and the inflamation, however it just won’t go away.  It doesn’t seem to be communicable, and it isn’t spreading.  I’m hoping readers of this blog can help me the way they did with my feet oh so many years ago.



~ by chrismcdevitt on May 17, 2012.

5 Responses to “What kind of rash is this?”

  1. Quit scratching … (looks like poison oak)

  2. According to the doctor it was actually a Staph infection. I have been done with the medicine for two weeks now and I am still waiting for the wound to heal. I may have to consult a dermatologist for a second opinion if the thing doesn’t get better.

  3. p.s. I realize it’s been 3 weeks, but if you’re still having problems with this, try scrubbing it lightly with a little bleach, blot it dry, apply a little calamine lotion, and cover it with a breathable bandage. If it doesn’t dry up, see a doctor.

  4. Did you try the bleach? I have something very like this, and the closest diagnosis I can find is ringworm. Although 2 years ago a dermatologist said it was something to do with dry skin/eczema and to try cortizone cream. IT comes and goes, usual hits in the summer I think. I just found out about the ringworm possibility and was about to try Tinactin on it, but I kind of like the sheer destructive power of bleach to mess with this thing….???

  5. It was a Staph infection, it’s about 95% healed. There is slight discoloration still where the new skin is blending with the old pale ass Irish skin. There doesn’t appear to be too much scar tissue, definitely some errant knuckle hairs. I expect it to be 100% by Fall/Winter. Summer sunburns probably aren’t going to do it much good. No bleach.

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