The Walking Dead: Television vs. Comics (SPOILERS GALORE)

This article is mainly for my own reference and for those curious about the difference between the two stories.  I will say that if you haven’t read the comic books yet, you should do so or stop reading this post now as I’ll be ruining a great deal of the TV characters ultimate fates in the comics and the comics are well worth reading.

The largest departure from comic to screen is the continued life of Shane.  His story in the comics is in large part the same as the television show except for one tipping point.  He does not make it to Hershel’s farm; he is instead killed by Carl for throwing a self-righteous pity party and attacking Rick in the woods.  This murder in defense of his father starts the Carl character out on the road to becoming a tragic Alpha male like his father and frees the reins for Dale to swoop in on Andrea.  Aside from the side trek to the CDC in the first season the continued life of Shane is the largest flapping of the butterfly’s wings in the series.  Because of Shane, poor T-Dogg is continuously left with nothing to do, so much so that the character actually laments it to Dale on the series.  In the comics, T-Dogg is actually a character by the name of Tyrese who serves as Rick’s right hand man, father of another survivor, and gets to tap a better looking Carol (mother of Sophia) and the as yet unpicture sword swinging badass Michonne.  Between Shane and the invented solely for the series Daryl, T-Dogg’s largest contribution has been getting accidentally cut on a pipe.

Also, season 2 of the series in reality takes place over maybe 1 issue of the comic and that is being generous.  Carl is shot by a non-morbidly obese Otis.  Hershel helps to heal him.  Rick asks why his group has to sleep in the fields when there is a perfectly good barn, and Hershel nonchalantly points out, that that is where the dead people are kept.  That’s it, three frames of the comic.  But since Shane survives, the ripple effect once more kills Otis. In the comics, an accidentally escalated escape from the barn proves to Hershel that he was wrong in stockpiling them, after the death of some of his children, in the comics Hershel had more than just the daughter who bangs Glenn. Hershel lost a son, a zombie son and the son’s fat girlfriend in the Comics Barn incident.  It is this tragic loss that eventually brings Hershel to cede control to Rick.

After leaving the farm, the group of survivors come to a Prison, which they manage to secure through the help of Tyrese and Rick. They meet Michonne, and run afoul of some other locals in nearby Woodbury, namely the memorable villain THE GOVERNOR.  I have no idea if they will continue along this path in the series, but if you have not read the comics, I strongly recommend them.

Summation of Key Differences:


Shane dies. Hershel loses many children. Tyrese plays a major part in the show.  There is no Daryl or Meryl. They never go to the CDC.  Carol is much more attractive and Sophia’s mother.  Her husband was not abusive. Sophia does not die or end up in the barn, she remains Carl’s lil girlfriend.


Shane lives.  Tyrese becomes T-dogg and has nothing to do on the show.  Ed is the abusive husband of Carol. CDC doc whispers a secret to Rick.  Shane murders Otis. Shane bangs Andrea and fractures the group. Pretty much every scene with Meryl or Darryl.

Feel free to point out in the comments any other distinctions I missed or got wrong.


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