Thoughts on UFC ON FOX…..

First of all, MORE IS MORE. I think they bet the farm on this fight, and while it’s great exposure I don’t think it sold any future pay-per-views in America. I’m hoping the numbers were good because I would like to see this sport become an ADVERTISING JUGGERNAUT like the NFL instead of a 59.99 HD Chiseler each month. Not airing the Benson Henderson/Clay Guida fight before the main event was a mistake. I think a casual fan would have been drawn in by the high energy back and forth more than the chump style knockout suffered by Cain in the main event. I do not think that Cain was knocked out by Junior Dos Santos, I do think that Cain quit. Cain was up too quick after the ref stopped it. I think he was in a terrible position and CHOSE to stop intelligently defending himself in order to stop the shitstorm of rights and lefts raining down on him.

They say that fighters learn a lot more from a loss than they can from a win, if that’s the case when we see Cain V. Dos Santos 2, count on takedowns early and often. I’m sure a lot of it can be written off to ring rust and the shoulder surgery, but I think that Cain may have bought into the pre-event hype. Joe Rogan couldn’t stop singing the praises of Velasquez and his lack of weaknesses prior to the fight. Unfortunately no one can condition the side of their head to collision. If they could, football fighters would not wear helmets and Mackens Semereizer would not have been TKO’d on the undercard.

Like it or not, trauma to the head causes unconsciousness, end of story. As the belt changes hands, we gain yet another “NICE GUY” Champion. From the school of GSP and Bones Jones (who tries to talk shit but can’t), Junior will be killing his future opponents with kindness (and vicious overhand rights).

Personally, I think Submission of the Night should have gone to Dustin Poirier vs. Lamas, but that’s just my opinion. Either way as a UFC fan I remain one, I just don’t know how many new AMERICAN fans were brought in. Certainly the 60 million viewers in Brazil will help the sport grow and grow. This will become an insanely popular WORLDWIDE sport, but Americans pay for the PPV’s that Europe gets for free on ESPN, and it’s going to take more than 64 second ass whoopings of pudgy ring rusted champions to get them to part with their recession cash.

~ by chrismcdevitt on November 13, 2011.

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