Kidd Chris is BACK…. AGAIN.

KiddChrisHasAPosseKUFO 101, in Portland, OR, just announced that Kidd Chris will be joining their morning line up from 5-10AM PST. That means us eastcoasters can catch the show from 8am-1pm. Now if only I could get the firewalls down to listen online.

Looks like I might have to wait for the DROID Phone to be released on Verizon. If this is true, and I can get my KC fix from the celly, I don’t think I’ll be renewing Sirius this year.

Alpha Broadcasting completed its “Mothership re-fueling” stunt this morning and revealed a new talent lineup that starts with former WYSP, Philadelphia morning personality Kidd Chris doing 5-10am. He’s now living in Portland. Chris is followed by PD Ditch, who will handle 10am-3pm as “Ditch On The Job.” Then comes Ricker from KISW, Seattle, 3-7pm. Marconi, 7-midnight. And Art Webb, overnights. Scott Mahalick is Alpha’s Director of Music Programming and he calls the talent lineup “the beginning of a new era for the station”, which Larry Wilson’s Alpha acquired from CBS Radio earlier this year as part of a $40 million deal. One other change: the apparent drop of the previously-used “Rock 101” image, in favor of “101 KUFO.”


~ by chrismcdevitt on October 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “Kidd Chris is BACK…. AGAIN.”

  1. I’m pumped for Chris, he deserved another chance and I’m glad he got… Even if it is in Portland.. But its great because we can listen during a normal time here on the East coast

  2. kufo has now been added to the favorites on kinoma free play app on the treo pro … fuck the IPHONE..long live the king of philly

  3. Hi Chris, I am Connie’s boss at Sunrise — we are sitting here messing around on google. Connie won’t stop eating snacks out of the snack machines. He is so fat he is going to pop. He needs to get a good chick hot chick to give him some Booty.Connie is a great guy, I like having him work for me. He always tells me about you and Marconi and Crazt Carl

  4. hi chris its connie at my bosses computer. ricker sucks. marconi rules.

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