Liars and Truthtellers

In any college level reasoning class they love questions about liars and truthtellers. Periodically, I solve one particular question, and then forget the answer the next time it crosses my brain. Today is one of the days when I know the answer. So I’m blogging it, so I can check next time I’m stumped. Forgive me.

A man is wandering down the road, when he comes to a fork. There is a villager standing at the fork who may be a liar or a truth-teller. The truthtellers village lies down one fork, and the liars’ village lies down the other. The liars are cannibals, and the truthtellers are friendly. What question must the man ask in order to determine the path to safety?

The Answer:

“Which way to your village?”


~ by chrismcdevitt on October 21, 2009.

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