Too Much Time Around Comedians

I accompanied Jess to a co-worker’s wedding on Saturday night. Nevermind the fact that my arms didn’t really work and she had to shave my face for me (since I couldn’t get a razor within cutting distance of my stubble), apparently my social skills were as dull as the razor. I guess, when you spend the majority of 5 years around comedians and wanna be comedians you forget that not all subjects are as hilarious to civilians. Someone at the table made a face that reminded me of Ashy Larry, which reminded me of a story I had heard the night before from Philly Comedian, John Kensil.

Apparently there was a little incident at the DC Improv on thursday night where a Bi-Polar Patron who by all reports had really been enjoying himself, suddenly went to the bathroom during the surprise “headliner” Donnell Rawlings’ set, and cut his wrists in the bathroom. Blood everywhere. They stopped the show, EMTs came in, and patched him up and cuffed his wrists to the stretcher. It’s funny because he lived. I guess. Even retelling the story here in blog form, I can’t pinpoint what I hoped to achieve from relaying the story other than, it was an occurence out of the norm. Nobody gives Ernie Anastos crap for telling stories about baby mutilation at coworker functions I bet. I’m just reporting the news.

Long story, awkward moment short: Apparently, suicide isn’t funny to everyone.

Here’s hoping the rest of Donnell’s weekend went well.

~ by chrismcdevitt on October 5, 2009.

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