There Ain’t Much To See In Old San Antone

alamo This is the Alamo. You’ve seen it in Pee Wee Herman’s movie. Should you be in San Antonio feel free to drive by it on Alamo Drive, but there’s really no reason to go in. It’s kind of like a Disney Ride with no actual ride. Just an air conditioned stone building where you wait in line to see nothing, then when you leave there’s a gift shoppe that sells the same crap they do in the Riverwalk stores. Stores that are much cooler.


Jess and I just went there to see the newest addition to her family, baby Mason.  We also went to the Riverwalk and on the Riverwalk Cruise.  A cruise that is really just a 35 minute boat ride where they tell you how old the buildings are and you watch tourists smoke cigarettes on the shore.



You don’t know it but these pictures are saving you a $12 buck boat ride.


I might have enjoyed our tour more if the guide had spoken English as his first language and didn’t constantly refer to himself in the 3rd person.

For the rest of our trip to the great state of Texas it rained, and I mostly ate Jack In The Box.  I think I made it there about 8 times in 6 days.  The Ultimate Cheeseburger rules.

~ by chrismcdevitt on September 24, 2009.

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