Who Is Pulling The Strings?


These are the two ‘expose journalists’ working ‘independently’ to bring you all those juicy ACORN Hooker/Pimp videos.

This is what responsible journalism looks like. In a world where renowned pranksters like Sacha Baron Cohen and Tom Green, have ironclad releases from the people they humiliated on television and film, is it too much to ask of our ‘news’people. FOX has been airing these videos despite the two not having releases because they’ve been previously published on BigGovernment.com. There’s a name you can trust? As the proprietor of Halfninja.com, I can assure you any yahoo can get a domain name and start publishing B.S. I offer you this site as an example.

In an interview with Glenn Beck the pseudostitute, Hannah, stated that it took her and “O’Keefe” the erstwhile phony pimp, six weeks to plan the videos.

I can tell you whenever me or my radio friends plot a prank it takes about 30 seconds of think time and a phone call. I don’t know what preparation went into these videos, but I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that there were people who asked them to leave; however, you’ll never see those because they don’t fit the ‘reporters’ agenda.

Personally, I don’t care. Sex trafficking is wrong. No 13-year old girl should be brought from a foreign country for the purposes of sex. They shouldn’t be brought at all regardless of their country or state of origin. Does it happen? Yes. Is ACORN behind it? Of course not. Aside from these tapes, I’ve never seen one shred of proof that before or after this couples ‘visit’ ACORN has ever endeavored into the sex-worker field. If anything these workers are criminally stupid, and deserve to be fired, but really, the only thing I can gather is that these tapes don’t have the necessary paperwork to be broadcast nationwide without the party’s consent. At least with Watergate, Nixon knew he was rolling tape.

I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but I certainly don’t trust it, the way it is being presented.

Okay back to fart jokes, halfninja readers.


~ by chrismcdevitt on September 14, 2009.

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