Finally Got Bikes

Jess and I finally went and got my birthday present at The Sports Authority last night. We got a pair of Diamondback Mountain bikes. Mine’s a 26″ men’s model, and hers is a pink Lustre 1 (whatever that means). The salesman was a real douche, and I regret him getting a commission on our purchase, since the only thing he ‘sold’ us was the kickstands that weren’t on the f’in bikes (that’s a lowclass move if you ask me). We had to wait around for like 30 minutes, while homeboy smoked a bowl in the backroom whilst pretending to attach our kickstands. Then we could only fit one bike in the PT cruiser, and my bike didn’t have enough air in the tires to ride home, so I had to make two trips.

Now we’ve got these bikes and it looks like the weather is going to be shitty for the rest of the week. Thanks a lot, Karma.

Jess and I were debating over purchasing helmets. I want her to wear one in case she ever has a seizure while riding. Her response was, ‘If you’re going to make me wear a helmet, it had bettah be pink.


~ by chrismcdevitt on August 27, 2009.

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