I Inexplicably Fell This Weekend

After staying painfully sober all night at my show with Geno Bisconte and Paul Dell’Angelo at Poconuts in Swiftwater, PA, I returned home after a two hour ride in the rain and tried to take the dogs out.  Neither wanted to go.  By the time I got them out of bed, got the alarm off, and the doors unlocked, Dozer had run back into the bedroom several times.

As I was carrying Ziggy to the back door, my left foot tripped on the moulding lip of our step down into the family room, and I went down.  Thankfully, years of martial arts practice allowed me to not squish my dog with the 240 lbs of heaving falling fatness I call a body.  However, I now have curious bruises on my knee and the knuckle of my left index toe.

I feel like the old woman from the life alert commercials.


~ by chrismcdevitt on August 24, 2009.

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