No GI JOE for Me Today

Since I get out of work at 1pm on Fridays I was going to jet on over to the Regal and see the live action GI Joe film, but in big red letters on they advised NO PASSES. So it looks like I’ll have to chill for a couple of weeks , which in the long run is probably better. If they blamed twitter for BRUNO’s second day drop-off, I can only imagine the kind of damage that website is going to do to GI JOE. Perhaps COBRA is the party responsible for the DNS attack on Twitter and Facebook these past few days. Nefarious? Yes. Plausible? YOU TELL ME.

Either way I can’t seem to get my tumblr set up at work to access twitter, and this is day two of my tweet drought. Here’s hoping they didn’t shut down Tumblr’s API or something. If they did I might have to go get me one of them fancy phones a week or two ahead of schedule. So far T-Mobile looks like the best bet. I really like that G1 phone, and it would only cost me like 70 bucks a month for the unlimited data plan. Everyone tells me their service sucks, but what good is good service if I have to pay 100s of bucks a month in data charges.


~ by chrismcdevitt on August 7, 2009.

One Response to “No GI JOE for Me Today”

  1. I have unlimited data on my verizon plan and its only 10 dollars more than your precious T-mobile plan that is going to suck.

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