E-Trade Baby Looking To Be Adopted?

A Massachusetts mother was horrified when she found her 7-month-old child’s photo on popular promotions site, Craigslist, advertising his own adoption.

MyFOXBoston reports that a stranger alerted Jenni Brennan of Abington, Mass. to the photo, which involved her 7-month-old son, Jake, in an online adoption scam. The ad read: “A CUTE BABY BOY FOR ADOPTION HE IS VERY HEALTHY AND READY FOR ADOPTION FOR MORE YOU COME BACK TO US.”

Brennan responded to the ad, receiving an email describing her son as Canadian but currently living in an African orphanage.

She said the photo was from her family’s blog.

“I know he wasn’t being physically harmed and no one was going to come to our door and try to take him, but I felt like his likeness was being violated,” she told MyFOXBoston.

She alerted the FBI and attorney general’s office to the scam. Yahoo! has also removed the scammer’s email addresses.

I think the kid kinda looks like the E-Trade baby myself. I’ve told them all along that nothing good could come from a toddler on the internet.




~ by chrismcdevitt on August 5, 2009.

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