I won’t be seeing Barack Obama today

A few weeks ago Jess and I secured tickets to see Barack Obama at a Jon Corzine rally on the Voorhees Mall at Rutgers University. Unfortunately, the Corzine Campaign had an overwhelming reaction from the public due to the president’s appearance.

Seeing as how Jon Corzine isn’t the most popular guy around the state these days, his campaign didn’t foresee the response from some 50 thousand odd people who wanted to attend.

With that in mind, despite having already RSVP’ed us and told us we had tickets, they switched the rally from Rutgers University to the PNC Arts Center.

F that. I like Obama, but that’s a little too much effort to support Corzine. I’m sure it has nothing to do with their ability to charge for the Parking of the 17,000 people chosen to attend. To the 33,000 that were left out in the cold, the Corzine campaign promised them first consideration for the next presidential appearances. I have a feeling after the election in November, Corzine won’t see Obama again unless it’s on TV.

NJ’s unemployment is at its highest point in 32 years. 200,000 jobs LOST under Corzine’s term as Governor.

~ by chrismcdevitt on July 16, 2009.

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