Fallen Soldier’s Family Jealous Of Attention Paid to Michael Jackson

From Fox News:
A day before New York Rep. Peter King called Michael Jackson a “pervert” unworthy of nonstop media coverage, the aunt of a U.S. soldier killed in Afghanistan on the same day Jackson died asked why her nephew’s death went virtually unnoticed while the King of Pop got memorial shrines across the country.

“Mr. Jackson received days of wall-to-wall coverage in the media,” Martha Gillis wrote to the Washington Post. “Where was the coverage of my nephew or the other soldiers who died that week?”

Gillis’ nephew, Lt. Brian Bradshaw, 24, died in Kheyl, Afganistan, of wounds suffered when an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle. Bradshaw, of Steilacoom, Wash., was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Airborne Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division in Fort Richardson, Alaska. He was one of at least 13 U.S. soldiers to die in Afghanistan since Jackson’s death on June 25.

“I can watch the news many nights and there’s no mention of what’s going on in Afghanistan or Iraq and there’s boys dying over there,” Bradshaw told FOXNews.com. “Oh God, I can’t talk.”

Bradshaw, who graduated from Pacific Lutheran University, was the product of a military family. His father, Paul, is a retired National Guard helicopter pilot, and his mother is a retired Army nurse.

“He was a search-and-rescue volunteer, an altar boy, a camp counselor,” Gillis’ letter continued. “He carried the hopes and dreams of his parents willingly on his shoulders. What more than that did Michael Jackson do or represent that earned him memorial ‘shrines,’ while this soldier’s death goes unheralded?”

Well, Michael Jackson sold millions upon millions of ‘record albums’, toured around the world several times over, brought hope and joy (and orgasms) to millions of children, oh  and he also carried the hopes and dreams of his parents on his shoulders.

Gillis said the only media outlets that covered Bradshaw’s death were in his hometown of Steilacoom, Wash., and those where he was stationed before his deployment in March.

King said Jackson had been excessively praised in the days after his death while society ignored the efforts of teachers, police officers and veterans. “Let’s knock out the psychobabble,” he said in the video, which was taped outside an American Legion Hall in his district. “He was a pervert, a child molester; he was a pedophile. And to be giving this much coverage to him, day in and day out, what does it say about us as a country? I just think we’re too politically correct.”

King, who is among the possible Republican contenders to run against Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, acknowledged that Jackson “may have been a good singer” and “did some dancing,” but he blasted the King of Pop as someone who could not be trusted around children.

“Ya’ll mean that Used-Ta-Be-Colored-Fella?  Yeah, he did some dancing, and singing, but he’s no Merle Haggard.”

Let’s face it, each and every soldier overseas right now is there doing the job that snarky bloggers like myself don’t want to do.  They are a national resource, and a national treasure; but questioning why their deaths aren’t covered as in depthly as an international superstar’s is like asking why your grandmother only got half a column on the obituary page when that stupid old newspaper publisher’s daddy got everything below the fold.

If we publicised and grandstanded over every combat death the way the MSM did for Michael Jackson we would probably be increasing the rate of “recruiter suicide” by at least tenfold.  No good can come of that.  Mourn those that we lose, welcome those that make it home.  Support your local soldier, but don’t let newspapers and local politicians springboard your grief into headlines and campaign talk.


~ by chrismcdevitt on July 7, 2009.

3 Responses to “Fallen Soldier’s Family Jealous Of Attention Paid to Michael Jackson”

  1. Madoff, Jackson, Sharpton, Oprah- we have wasted enough time on them. Show us the philanthropists, charitable and honorable people. perhaps a wealthy celebrity would seed a fund that provided free secondary education and health care to the children and families of those young men and women who give their lives in the [preservation of our AMERICAN FREEDOMS? Might be contagious.

  2. michael never bleached his skin he had vitiligo and there a photos to prove it he wore heavy make up and body makeup to hide it. nobody knows what happened michael had money and he was a nice person and people and oppurtunists around him felt they should take advantage of him by telling lies and making it turn into something big. there were jelous people also. mad because he was the only artist who ever in this whole entire world to ever sell out more albums than anyone, mad and jeleous because he is the first artist in this world to ever from the age of 5 being the best music performer and artist til his 40’s nobody has ever been a big artist from age of 5 til 40’s if the osmonds were to put out a new record now they won’t get no play.
    When you have sold more records than anyone in showbusiness history then they just have the tendency to try to pull you down.
    He was a very powerful, influential and rich Black Man who
    pissed some Whites off. Hurt The Beetles and Elvis, they didnt like that did they now you get it.
    When District Attorney Tom Sneddon smugly announced that Michael Jackson was to be criminally charged, and that Neverland was being raided, he was so blinded by greed, jealousy and vengeance that he could not see that the degenerate family he had sided with, the Arvizo family, in order to try and take Michael Jackson’s freedom from him, and ruin his reputation, all so that Sneddon could bask in glory, would actually bring Sneddon the ultimate humiliation. Sneddon’s case against Michael Jackson was built on lies, and was created by liars, and Sneddon got exactly what he deserved, failure!!!
    When Michael Jackson was put on trial, accused of having molested Gavin Arvizo — who had learnt from his family how to extort people — the media refused to tell the truth. The media refused to acknowledge, or discuss, what was actually going on in the courtroom that was favorable to Michael Jackson. The testimony that pointed to Michael Jackson’s innocence, the success Michael Jackson’s attorneys had in exposing the prosecution case for what it was, sham, was ignored by the media, the media refused to tell the truth.
    When prosecution witnesses who desired to fill their pockets with Michael Jackson’s money, who hoped to become rich by selling false stories, who falsely accused Michael Jackson, and who made up as many lies as possible, as horrible as possible, to extort as much money as possible from Michael Jackson, were exposed, it was ignored by the media, the media refused to tell the truth.
    When the accuser, Gavin Arvizo, and his family, mother Janet Arvizo, and siblings Star Arvizo and Davellin Arvizo, stumbled over their lies, contradicted themselves continually, became argumentative when presented with facts that proved they were liars and extortionists, it was ignored by the media, the media refused to tell the truth.
    When Michael Jackson’s young cousin testified that the accuser, Gavin Arvizo, and Gavin’s brother Star tried to get him to masturbate in their presence, it was ignored by the media, the media refused to tell the truth.
    When it was revealed that Michael Jackson’s former employees only claimed to have seen inappropriate behavior by Michael Jackson AFTER THEY WERE OFFERED MONEY AND PAID BY TABLOIDS/THE MEDIA, it was ignored by the media, the media refused to tell the truth. (Michael Jackson successfully sued these former employees many years ago, they still owe him money.)
    When Michael Jackson’s current employees testified that the accuser, Gavin Arvizo, and his family slept in guesthouses at Neverland (and not in Michael Jackson’s bedroom), that they caused a great deal of trouble at Neverland, left a huge mess at Neverland, damaged and defaced property at Neverland, attacked the animals at Neverland, pulled knives on Neverland employees, stole from Neverland employees, stole from Michael Jackson, extorted Neverland employees by lying about their financial circumstances, extorted the government by lying about their financial circumstances, extorted other celebrities by lying to them and falsely accusing them, caused trouble wherever they went, and to whoever was unlucky enough to befriend them, overall having been shown to be users, liars, thieves, troublemakers and criminals, it was ignored by the media, the media refused to tell the truth….. until now.
    Aphrodite Jones, a reporter, ashamed of her behavior during Michael Jackson’s trial, having realized that she was wrong, has written this book – “Michael Jackson Conspiracy” – which is pretty much a compact version of Michael Jackson’s trial. It details exactly what happened in the courtroom at Michael Jackson’s trial (using actual trial testimony), the facts that were revealed and exposed, the witnesses and what they stated, how Michael Jackson’s defense team managed to successfully destroy prosecution theories and witnesses on a daily basis, how the media did not want to report anything that was favorable to Michael Jackson or his defense team, how some media reporters had already secured deals to have access to Michael Jackson if he was to be found guilty and imprisoned (which is disgusting, because this behavior implies that these jerks preferred that a child had been molested so that they could profit), and how Michael Jackson was found NOT GUILTY by a jury that saw right through the lies, right through the Arvizo family, right through District Attorney Tom Sneddon and his sham case, and right through the media garbage that has been circulating for years about Michael Jackson.
    So, if you want the truth about Michael Jackson, how he has become a target for liars who want to become instant millionaires, and the victim of a media that promotes and prefers lies, read “Michael Jackson Conspiracy”.

  3. Totally agree. What a tragedy and travesty. I grieve for Michael daily. Have been a fan since 1970; my life has been constantly touched by his talent.

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