Taken Sequel?

As much as I loved Taken, I don’t think a sequel is the greatest idea. What could someone possibly Take from Liam Neeson this time around to match the level of tension in the first film. If he loses his daughter a second time, that’s just really shitty parenting. No, “Give Me Back my Son/Daughter” movie has ever had a sequel. There’s no Ransom 2 or Man On Fire Again. You can bet that Arnold Schwarznegger wouldn’t let Alyssa Milano out of his sight long enough for Commando 2 to be filmed.

I realize it made a lot of money, but can’t you just come up with something else, Mr. Besson. Let me keep my pleasant memories and hearty endorsments of Taken without having them cheapened by :Tooken: This time I’m slapping Gangstas insteada Frenchmen.”


~ by chrismcdevitt on July 6, 2009.

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