I have to say, as far as experiences go, chewing the Xanax was probably the worst part. That stuff tastes like a dogshit fritter. It’s definitely a disorienting experience when your one eye is taped shut and the other is being cut open with a laser. Everything goes black and you have to remember to breathe, and the surgeons are talking to you like they’re doing some “terminator” shit to your dome. They didn’t give me those big ole Ray Charles Blindpeople sunglasses like I wanted, instead I got these goggles. They’re not bad as goggles go, but to avoid odd looks I’ve been dressing like Hancock.

I know I'm funny looking.

I know I'm funny looking.

I went for the day-after exam and thankfully everything is in the right place, the flaps are down and healing nicely and I should be able to work out and swim again in two weeks. Aside from this residual blood; I look and feel perfectly normal, however those clots could take up to a month to go away, in the mean time I’m going to look like a battered woman I guess.



~ by chrismcdevitt on May 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Lasik Surgery – TWENTY FOUR HOURS LATER”

  1. Could that be the look for the next Superman? Blackened goggles by day to hide a madman’s bleeding eyes ready to tear apart by fall of night all that is evil and unjust in this world of ours?

  2. Now that you can see, you really have to look for everything I can’t find! Even moreso than before! Especially my glasses.

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