Getting Lasik Tomorrow

Up until now, I’ve been pretty adamant about how much I want this. Now that I’m looking at the ‘bill’ for the loan, and the fact that tomorrow someone is going to use a laser to slice open my cornea, peel it back, and rejigger my rods and cones, I’m starting to freak out a little.

Which is cool, since someone who had the surgery recently told me they keep a jar of Valium in the operating theater for ‘freakouts’. If I can’t drive for 24+ hours and I’m going to have to wear goggles I might as well get me some good drugs. I’ll be sure to have Jess take some pictures of me in my goggles. With this surgery I’ll be able to run and jump and play and do all that shit that I don’t like doing. So there’s that I guess.


~ by chrismcdevitt on May 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Getting Lasik Tomorrow”

  1. Кстати, если закончаться фото Одри, то можешь в фотошопе старые фото накладывать на новый фон, так и разнообразие будет и ты работать продолжишь

  2. I did the surgery so I could watch girls swim underwater. Twenty years later the eyes are as good as ever
    and my underwater eye sight still gets this dirty old man in trouble. Good luck! Remember that famous line about fearing only fear itself? It doesn’t mean squat when they start scratching your eyes out.

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