Just let him die…

It might sound harsh now, but it’s Darwin. The kid is 13 years old, he can’t read; he’s got asshole parents who aren’t raising him properly. If this kid won’t even save his own life under court order, is this really the kind of person we want to reach adulthood and join our society?

For all the families with sick children out there in America who can’t get adequate healthcare for very preventable illnesses, why are we having a ‘manhunt’ for a family who doesn’t want the treatment?

When they find this kid, he’s going directly into Foster Care and his mom is going to jail. Brilliant, they’re destroying their own lives; the last thing we need, is to deal with the baggage of their terrible decisions down the road.

Hey Hausers, Don’t Run to Canada, They’re Just GIVING out CHEMOTHERAPY up there.


~ by chrismcdevitt on May 20, 2009.

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