Swine Flu is as Offensive as it is Contagious

According to the AP:

The outbreak of swine flu should be renamed “Mexican” influenza in deference to Muslim and Jewish sensitivities over pork, an Israeli health official has said.
Deputy Health Minister Yakov Litzman said the reference to pigs is offensive to both religions and “we should call this Mexican flu and not swine flu,” he told a news conference at a hospital in central Israel.

Yeah, because millions of MEXICAN citizens wouldn’t be offended by calling it Mexican Influenza. I realize that Muslims and Jews don’t like to eat pork, and that’s fine, but since when can’t the rest of us mention Pigs, Pork or Swine? When did the very use of a pork-related word become tantamount to taunting?

Is it a hate crime if you call a Chubby Hassidic kid Porky? If so, I’m a hate criminal of the highest order.

HERE PORKY! PORKY! PORKY! Come use this phone on a Saturday.

Now, I could see if the W.H.O was warning everyone about the dangers of “Jew Flu”, but Swine Flu, get over yourself and your primitive dietary restrictions, and don’t lump in Islam with your silly attention-starved protests, I’m sure you’re not going to find any roadstones to peace in your mutual distaste for ham.


~ by chrismcdevitt on April 29, 2009.

One Response to “Swine Flu is as Offensive as it is Contagious”

  1. I think because Pork n Beans go together, and Beaner is a nickname of fondness as it relates
    to the Mexican diet, “Beaner Flu” would be the way to go. Pigs supposedly can understand
    over 300 words so I agree they should not be slurred.

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