Newly Single White Female: Not A Dogsitter

BOULDER, Colo. — Police say a Colorado woman wrapped her boyfriend’s dog in packing tape and stuck the animal upside down to a refrigerator because he wouldn’t get rid of it.

Abby Toll was arrested Tuesday after police say she got into a fight with her boyfriend. She was charged with felony cruelty, drug possession and other counts and is free on $12,500 bond. She has declined to comment.

Toll’s 21-year-old boyfriend, Bryan Beck, faces lesser charges including a misdemeanor cruelty count.

Police say Toll, 20, used packing tape to bind the legs, snout and tail of Beck’s dog, Rex, a Japanese breed called a Shiba Inu. She told police she stuck the dog to the refrigerator because she was angry Beck wanted to keep it.

Rex was taken to a shelter and will be put up for adoption.

It’s one thing to tape your buddies to the wall for Lolz.  It’s another thing to send a MoeGreen SleepWithTheFishes Message Job to your boyfriend by taping his dog to the refrigerator.  You could have filled his shoes with turds, or peed on his favorite jacket and blamed the dog.

The dog isn’t pledging a fraternity, he doesn’t need this sort of treatment.  HE NEEDS TREATS.

So if you’re a cat person looking for a drama queen, by all means look this bitch up.


~ by chrismcdevitt on April 17, 2009.

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