My Favorite Wrestler is Charles Darwin

From AP:
NEW YORK — A friend says a 9-year-old New York City boy might have been imitating a video game character when he apparently made a plastic parachute and jumped to his death from his apartment building’s roof.

Police say Domori Miles likely cobbled a plastic bag and rope together before flying off the 13-story Brooklyn building Tuesday. The items were found on the ground near his body.

Ten-year-old friend Shakar Murrel says Domori was a fan of the wrestling game “WWE SmackDown vs. Raw” and loved wrestler Jeff Hardy’s swan dives.

Stamford, Conn.-based World Wrestling Entertainment expresses sympathy but calls for “a full investigation … before conclusions are made.” It says no “SmackDown vs. Raw” characters jump off buildings or use parachutes.

Domori’s mother tells police she had gone to the store.

Video Games are not the cause of this kid’s problems. If anything, lack of video games are. If this kid had MORE games to play and LESS of a desire to kill himself, he’d still be parked in front of his PS2 wailing away on classic rock songs and wrestling opponents.

I don’t care how young you are, a 9-year-old should know you can’t make a parachute out of a plastic bag and some rope. At 4 or 5, you realize the bathtowel cape you have pinned around your neck doesn’t let you fly. You don’t need to do a Wright Bros. run off a 13 story Brooklyn building.

If you want to blame someone for this kid’s death, blame his parents who weren’t there or blame his teacher who didn’t explain gravity to him well enough, or blame the kid himself. Who uses a plastic bag as a parachute. At least try a bedsheet or something. Take some pride in your building materials. I wonder if the kid even tried to make a parachute at all or if he just jumped off the building and landed in a pile of trash that someone thought ‘looked’ like a crappy parachute.


~ by chrismcdevitt on April 16, 2009.

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