I really have to stop drinking Coca-Cola.

As of today I have entered over 14,000+ My Coke Rewards points.

Perhaps I could drive traffic to THIS website if I just gave the codes away here.

Worth a shot, I’ll add a new one everyday and see how the hits are.

4/7 – AV4JN7VW5PN5


4/9 – 0LP4BPFLBMW5

4/11- 5NNT456AXL4X

4/13- 6J9F5XV0WNWJ

4/14- 5L66V6FBL7W5

4/15- 7H67HHN4BPK0


~ by chrismcdevitt on April 7, 2009.

10 Responses to “I really have to stop drinking Coca-Cola.”

  1. Can I ask how long it took you to earn that many points?? If I drank that much in my own business do you know I would have broght home about 10,000. That would be amazing. Too bad your rewards program doesn’t offer that.

  2. Oh yeah and what would you get if you drove traffice to that site? Would you get any extra points?

    Thx Jeanette

  3. Pretty much all of the ‘coke saga’ is documented on this website, Jeanette. It’s 14000 points over 2.5-3 years I believe. Pretty much for however long the program has been running. I’ve also got Co-Workers giving me theirs.

  4. Do you have any more codes, by chance? Thanks.

  5. people pleaseee give me your codes that you dont want or use.

    email me at myreddrumset@hotmail.com

    i would freaking do you the your hole!

    haha not really. but pleaseee if you dont care for them, i kinda would.

  6. i need @ 5 codes to get what i want,please help me!!!!!!!

  7. also check out http://tahoestyle.wordpress.com/ for FREE COKE REWARDS – been giving them out since the promo began in 2007

  8. i am new to the coke rewards page – nothing seems to work! am i doing something wrong? i have a sign-in & a password and received confirmation from the site. but, when i go to the site and click on “enter codes”, nothing works! what the heck?!

  9. If you live in a state that has a recycling bottle deposit law, the men adn women that work at the bottle return will probably give you the caps from returns if you go in and ask for them daily. I have been given 6,000+ caps in the past 5 months and have earned over 800 free drinks for prizes. Enjoy.

  10. I have tried all the codes on my coke rewards site and none of them are going in. It says invaled code. PLEASE HELP!

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