Guy Gets 22 Years For Murdering Sex Offender; No Medal.

GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. — A central New York man has been sentenced to 22 years to life in prison for a deadly stabbing he says was prompted by a pornographic video.

Randy Green said he was “not a bad person” as he was sentenced Thursday for slitting Ray Pike’s throat Aug. 15 on a trail in Gloversville.

Green says he was psychologically affected by seeing the sexually explicit video, which he says depicted Pike with a young girl. Pike was a convicted sex offender who volunteered at local churches.

Defense lawyer Robert Abdella says a third man may have shown Green the video specifically to enrage him.

Fulton County District Attorney Louise Sira says police never found the tape.

Pike’s daughter, Melissa Richardson, calls Green a “merciless and cowardly murderer who took it upon himself to play executioner.”

I think the most f’ed up thing in this whole story is that the “CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER” was volunteering with LOCAL CHURCHES. Aren’t convicted sex offenders prohibited from fraternizing with each other once they’re out of prison? I would think that Sex Offenders chilling with PRIESTS would violate that rule as well.

IF it walks like a sex offender, talks like a sex offender, and wears a dress and a dramatic hat on Sundays, it’s probably a…

I realize that he’s gotta do time because no one can produce this sex tape, however, 22 years is a little excessive for a guy who killed a sex offender. I’d guess that Randy Green isn’t white, but a little google search showed that he is.  There’s gotta be more to this story.  The Sex Offender was 63 years old, BTW.


~ by chrismcdevitt on April 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Guy Gets 22 Years For Murdering Sex Offender; No Medal.”

  1. I’m a former sex offender. I served my time and paid my debt to society.
    I’m an employer and pay plenty of taxes.
    I survived prison because I’m no pussy, and I wish that murdering scum had tried to kill me!
    We’d not be wasting taxpayer money keeping the pussy-fart alive. I’m sure some SO in prison will make Randy his bitch. In spite of propaganda to the contrary, all sex offenders are not faggoty assed bitches and many of them rule inside. Sorry to burst your man-rape fantasy.

    Little punks like you will make fine girls inside.

  2. Im the neice of the murdered “sex Offender” I think it is important to know the details before having a public opinion on such things. First of all, people get labeled sex offender even with the slightest infraction, Pike wasnt hurting small children, he had a one time consensual relationship with someone who was under 18, barely. Irregardless of this, No one gets to play God with other peoples lives, Mr. Green was an unbalanced hot headed greedy thief who used Mr. Pikes past indiscretion as an excuse to cover the fact that he lured Mr. Pike on to the Rail Trail so he could take the money he had just recieved from Social Security, He didn’t expect that Mr. Pike would fight back. There were other players in this game, Gordon Wilson who helped set up Mr. Pike served time in Prison for being an accessory while a female who i shall not name made off with the cash. It’s important to know the facts before we go running our mouths. and may i just inform you of another little fact, yes he was a sex offender, one that served his time, paid for his crime, was ultimately forgiven, and did not re-offend again even 25 years later.

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