On my way to work today

I saw a young man who was too fat to walk down a steep hill at a comfortable pace. It was oddly hilarious. He would take 3 steps to a normal persons one, and each step had a hop to it. He wasn’t happy, there wasn’t a skip in his step. It was more like gravity was picking on him.


~ by chrismcdevitt on March 31, 2009.

5 Responses to “On my way to work today”

  1. Gravity! Finally someone has discovered why fat people are so unhappy! Damn that gravity! You sir are a genious. Now will
    you create an anti gravity pill for fat people?

  2. P.S. If there could be a pill which would allow fat peole
    to be unaffected by gravity, and hence they would float everywhere, and look down on people who were unfat, would that
    create a sense of fairness in this unfair world or ours? But then again, without the calorie burning of dealing with gravity, how fat might they get while they floated from one Big Mac to the next? Would, could they… all block out the sun one day? But more important, would their poop float? What is a brown foot print?

  3. Roger, you are a strange man.

  4. Before anyone invents an antigravity pill they should first create a way for me to punch people through the internet. I think this is needed much more.

  5. anyone who wants to punch someone though the internet…. oh hell i got nothing on this one…. but if you could… how many would you punch? It seems the internet has created an anger zone without an anger outlet. Why anyone would be upset with anti gravity pills for fat people i have no idea unless you are umbrella paranoid incase of fall out and hence unprotected from
    whatever may rain upon you.

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