This Kid Doesn’t Know Shit

Did I miss a meeting? When did the United States of America start taking the opinions of teenagers seriously? Aren’t this kids peers going to multiple viewings of “The Jonas Brothers: 3D” and debating the merits of “autotuning” as used by Kanye West vs. Akon? Why is the media labeling this child a ‘wunderkind’ and ‘prodigy’? Any kid worth his salt can regurgitate the political purviews of his parents ad nauseum. He’s homeschooled, the only people he knows are his parents and conservative talk show host, Bill Bennett, who he apparently calls on a regular basis.

Honestly, there is nothing special about this kid. I can’t even blame the “homeschooling” I have a feeling that matter should be likened to “protective custody” from genpop.

It’s really really easy to be a Republican when you’re 14 years old. Virgins are notoriously Pro-Life. Those who can’t be drafted don’t care about foreign wars. Those who don’t pay taxes think anyone who is taxed is taxed way too much. Why worry about healthcare when you’re covered by your parents for the next 10 years?

I was a Reaganite throughout most of my childhood and early twenties; thanks largely in part to Alex P. Keaton. I don’t begrudge this kid his point of view, I’ve been there. I don’t even blame him, he hasn’t had enough life experience to know what a douche he is. I blame everyone listening to him. The kid needs an asswhipping and a therapist not a national platform for his bullshit.

I’m still a registered Republican and yet at every turn my party shames me.  Have we reached so low in the barrel that we must depend on the opinions of Joe Plumbers and Johnny Crayons?  It seems every move made by the GOP in the past year has been a see-through sham.  Sarah Palin;  They’ve got a woman let’s get a woman.  Michael Steele, They’ve got a black guy, let’s get a black guy. Let’s get foreign relations advice from a Midwest plumber!  Hey, I’ll bet you a gradeschooler could define our core values for us!

Stop talking, start thinking.  Get a message.  Get a plan.  You can talk all the shit you want on the Obama administration’s ideas, once you have a few solid ones of your own.  How in the hell did I end up a Democrat?


~ by chrismcdevitt on March 9, 2009.

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