I Honestly Don’t Know How UPS Stays In Business

Seriously. Another Month, another f’in package from UPS. UPS Ground is THE BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY on the planet. Any company you order from charges you 25-40% more to send it UPS ground, and then the Assholes at UPS won’t leave your goddamn package at your house. No, you have to be there when they get there. Who let’s deliverymen have Cable Guy rules? What kind of world is this, where I have to pay extra to have my things NOT SHIPPED TO ME, but shipped to a place NEAR ME, where I can go PICK UP WHAT I ORDERED from the people WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO DELIVER IT because THEY LIKE TO BRING IT BY during the FUCKING DAY while most people THEMSELVES included ARE AT WORK!!!

Amazon sends my shit USPS, and I’ve never had a problem getting it off my porch. GROW UP, UPS. You’re not that special.

~ by chrismcdevitt on February 25, 2009.

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