The Economy – Give it 110%, You’ll Receive Payment for 90%

Apparently, my company has decided that rather than ‘lay off’ anymore people, they’ll just cut everyone’s salary 10% across the board. I’m not exactly sure which genius came up with this Morale Booster, but I’ll bet they’re a Bush Republican obsessed with making the Hard Decisions. Why go out of pocket a cent for your former employees ‘unemployment’ when you can keep your entire workforce for 9/10ths of what they cost you before? How is this legal? I get that NJ is an “AT WILL” State, but that money is NEVER coming back. Not in 2009, and then if we’re lucky, in 2010 we’ll get the ‘merit raise’ that we were denied this year, and receive 3% of our initial salary back. Leaving us with 4 years of service just to get back to 1% less than our salary as of last week.



~ by chrismcdevitt on February 18, 2009.

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