Taken – Theater Vs. Bootleg (or DVD)

First off, let me say that I loved the movie, Taken. At least I did the first time I saw it. I couldn’t wait for its American release so I watched a version of it on the internet. The film had been released way earlier in the year in Europe. The internet version was grainy, jumpy, and way better than my theater experience. The action just seemed so much more entertaining on my 42″ television vs. the theater screen, and I think a large part of that was the version released to American theaters.

I can’t believe they actually TONED DOWN the violence for America. Watching Taken in the theater was like hearing your favorite explicit rap song on the radio. You think you know the next words and then all of a sudden they’re something completely different that only share a minor similarity in form.

The film has made almost $150 million worldwide, so I don’t think I’d be hurting its box office by encouraging you to wait for DVD. The first time you see the film it’s amazing. The second time the action is still great but there are glaring bits of ‘silliness’ in the writing, and acting, and you realize Liam Neeson is the only role that gets decent lines.

The film is about one man’s journey to say I Told You So, and unfortunately, the theater experience is not the best relation of that journey.


~ by chrismcdevitt on February 18, 2009.

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