I’m not trying to show off

If you catch me walking around talking gibberish, and I tell you that the gibberish was actually how you say, “How are you doing, Sir?” in Arabic; I’m not showing off or begging for you to notice me; it’s just the only way to retain what I’m learning in my Arabic studies. Short of constantly popping in to the mini-mart on the corner and practicing my pleases and thank yous, I have to translate everything I can from my normal life into Arabic.

I’m sure this may piss off some of the more patriotic halfninja readers out there. Sorry.

Now a fun list of Arabic words that sound like Dirty English Equivalents.

“How Are You?” = Key Fuck
“Goodbye” = Ma Salami
“Ma’am” = Yeah, Sit.
“Sir” = Yeah, ech.

There’s no way I will ever be able to say, “How are you, sir? Goodbye.” or “How are you , ma’am? Goodbye.” without giggling my ass off.

Put all together it would be:

“Key Fuck, Yeah, ech, ma salami.” to a man OR

“Key Fake, Yeah Sit, Ma Salami.” to a woman.

Either way you slice it. Hilarious.


~ by chrismcdevitt on February 3, 2009.

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