Would You Pay 3.7 Million To Bang This Chick?

That is apparently what Natalie Dylan’s virginity is going for these days. The whole story is on The Telegraph, but the long and short of it is: Her sister paid for college by prostituting herself for 3 weeks, and now the little sister is going to try to trump that by prostituting herself for one night. She hopes to use the money to further her degree, but let’s face it, no one handed 3.7 million dollars is going to care much for school. She’ll blow it all in a couple of months and then be selling her ass virginity for a couple of bucks under the bridge.

Full Story LINKED here.

P.S.,  I’ve currently got $43.98 on me, and I wouldn’t trade that for sex with her.  Her eyes are sunken in and her skin looks bumpy.  I’d rather bang Admiral Akbar.


~ by chrismcdevitt on January 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Would You Pay 3.7 Million To Bang This Chick?”

  1. proof that Osama is dead and they have long run out of virgins up
    in that heaven of theirs which I guess is dusty too.
    Now some oil guy from the Dead Sea Scrolling is going to buy her and send him at least one. But I don’t see virgin in her eyes..
    and I’ve had a lot of virgins in my time and I know for a fact
    all women lay and lie. I do want to see the guys face who paid 3.7 million for that. Please keep us informed.

  2. Well, she can do whatever she wants. I certainly don’t care. But… having read this, I somehow thought back of the 1993 movie “Indecent Proposal”. And I would certainly have preferred Demi above Nathalie. Not only was Demi more beautiful (and experienced, compared to an inexperienced virgin), she was also less expensive!

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